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KhojDeal: Get Real Cashback and Discounts when you Shop Online in India

People love to flaunt the deals they get on E-Commerce websites or boast about a product’s price which they actually bagged for cheap. Ever wondered how these online stores are able to give us so unrealistic discounts? The basic aim of the websites are to capture the market, they sell their products at losses just to terminate the competition. With E-Commerce giants merging and acquiring each other (Like Flipkart and eBay), more synergy in operations is expected and could result in more discounts in future. As the competition toughens, it is possible that the level of discounting might go up in future. There are a lot of ways to buy a thing and not burn a hole in your pocket. Firstly you could time your purchase by setting a price alert. It helps you to know minimum pricing of the product in a particular time frame.

You can save a ton of money by just comparing the rates of the product on a third party platform. This will help you to make sure that you are able to get the best deal on a product. You do not have to check all the online stores as all the information and prices are precisely given on the platform. Similarly, Khojdeal helps you to save you time and the headache of researching. Coupon codes provide not only direct monetary discounts, but also might give a freebie with the order. Hence a guide to apply a particular coupon in the website is also given in many of the websites. To make it much easier the final price can be shown in such websites after applying the verified code.



These are the normal deals which are given by websites themselves, but what if you could save some extra on the side? With every purchase, which would be directed through Khojdeal, you can earn additional cashback given by Khojdeal itself. Is it a scam or too good to be true? No, you earn cashback within a few hours. You just click on the link through the website and it redirects you to the vendor. And then the normal process of buying is done according to the terms of the website. Once the sale is confirmed the third party initiates the cashback. Now this can be added to your account or your E-wallets.

Affiliate marketing helps to finance these cashbacks. In a layman’s language, the online stores pay the third parties like Khojdeal for every unit sold. As these third parties host the range of products of the online retailers and bring them orders, it is beneficial for the retailers as their sales increase. Also this partnership results in bulk orders with the retailers, probably including the customers who would not have come to these retailers if the third party was not there. This increases their customer base and make the retailers have valued relationships with the new customers which could result in repeat orders and good word of mouth for them. Thus every purchase made through the third party’s link results in payment to them. Out of these payments are the cashbacks given, and a part is retained by the third party. To keep the cycle going it is imperative that consumers are given cashback which will result in their repeat ordering through the link of the website.

Thus the cashbacks provided by websites like Khojdeal are real and can help you to save an extra buck. It is simpler and going through the deals is rather fun. These websites can be a one-stop destination for saving your money on online purchases. All the people in the transaction are benefited, the cashback websites gets their commission, the retailers their sales and customer base (also primary awareness in some cases) and the customers are able to save something monetarily.

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