Four Things To Do When You Need Money Now

Money is the bane of human existence. You need it in order to survive, and while some people can live on a small amount of money on a regular basis, you still need some to get buy. Food costs money, a roof over your head costs money, and it costs money to get to work.

Sometimes you need money quickly. Maybe your car broke down and you need repairs or a new vehicle. Maybe your electric bill was higher than you planned for. If you need money quickly, in a week or less, here are some things that might help.

Get A Credit Card Or Loan

Credit cards and loans are a great way to get some quick cash. However, the quicker you pay them off the less you’ll need to pay. If you take a while to pay your interest rates could add up quickly.

Not everyone has easy access to loans and credit cards. If you have bad credit or even no credit, you may find it difficult to get money. You may also have to wait a little while to get your credit card in the mail unless it’s a store card that gives you a one-time number to use it right away.

Start A Crowdfunding Campaign

You could consider starting a crowdfunding campaign to earn the money you need. If you pick one that lets you have access to the money donated immediately, you won’t have to wait until your campaign has ended or reach the proper donation amount. You still may need to wait a couple days for money, to be transferred to your bank account, though.

This isn’t always a quick way to make money. The best way to get fast donations is to share your campaign page in as many places as possible and make it as appealing as possible.

Pawn Stuff Or Have A Sale

You could take some big ticket items to the pawn shop to get some money. If you have electronics or musical instruments, these can bring a good deal of money from pawning. You could also take in jewelry if it’s real gold or silver (check current gold and silver prices to make sure you’ll get a good deal).



You could consider hosting your own garage or yard sale. You won’t get top dollar for the items you sell, but you’ll get something. Plus, it’s a good way to declutter your home.

Give Blood

Consider donating blood or plasma. This can pay, depending on where you go. They’ll allow you to donate a few times a month, and pay can vary. Not only will you be making some cash, but you’re also giving back. You could look into other similar ventures, like signing up for medical studies.

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