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5 mistakes to avoid when selling your car

1 – Don’t just go to one dealer

If you decide to sell your car, the worst mistake you can make is driving straight to a dealership and asking, “How much?”. There are two problems with this approach. The first is that you need to be prepared to shop around. You will only get the best deal if you get prices from different people. To this end, a service like Autovolo to sell your car is a great option, as you increase the pool of possible buyers significantly.

2 – Do your research

The second problem with simply asking “how much” is that it shows you haven’t researched. It would help if you had an idea of the car’s going rate you’re selling, as it puts you in a much stronger negotiating position. Buyers are much less likely to make sub-par offers if they come across as knowledgeable and informed. By doing your research, you give yourself a huge advantage.

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Of course, if the offers you are getting don’t match up with what your research tells you your car is worth, don’t be afraid to walk away. You’d be surprised how often a final offer is anything but conclusive…

terrible at negotiating, this rule doesn’t apply to car sales. As such, ensure you are prepared for a negotiation with your buyer. If negotiating makes you squirm, bring someone with you who can offer moral support and maybe even haggle for you!

This is where doing your research is important – you’ll have a good feel for whether or not you’re getting a fair deal. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground if you know you aren’t getting a good offer; be firm but friendly; at the end of the day, the buyer is expecting a bit of to and fro, so don’t feel embarrassed.

4 – Don’t forget to clean your car!

This one might seem slightly silly; after all, a buyer can look past a dirty windscreen, right? The short answer is no! It’s a no-brainer. If you’re selling anything, you want it to look its best. But with cars, this goes beyond cosmetic appeal. A shiny, clean car will look like a better investment; it will look newer, and the bodywork will look in much better shape. Also, leaving your vehicle dirty can affect the paintwork and maybe even lead to rusting. So, if you sell your vehicle dirty, a buyer might think you aren’t taking good care of it – which is bound to affect the price they offer you.

For all these reasons, a trip to the car wash is well worth before you sell!

5 – Get the paperwork in order

Finally, before you start selling your car, ensure you have all your paperwork in order. You’ll need the car’s handbook, service logbook, and MOT certificate (if the vehicle is over three years old). You must also fill in the change of ownership documents upon completing a sale, or you can tell the DVLA online.

It would help if you sorted all this out in advance because you don’t want to waste a buyer’s time. Again, if you’re looking for the best deal, you don’t want to mess your buy around; you want to keep them happy, and you want to seem professional and organized.

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