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7 essential tips for passing Driving test

It is very important to pass a driving test successfully but that is surely not a cakewalk. Passing a driving test can be a cumbersome task but the time taken to pass this test is completely depends upon you. One might become nervous while appearing for a driving test but it is necessary to make a note that one can easily enhance the probability of passing the test simply by preparing in the right direction and acquiring right skills. You can also change driving test date as per your convenience with proper schedule planning. So, when you polish your skills and are ready for testing your abilities, you should always remember the important tips and learn from the others’ mistakes which can help you in enhancing your performance on the test. Some of the effective tips are mentioned which are as following:

1.Always pay attention to proper refueling

Here, refueling refers to charging the energy of your body in a proper way. You should make sure that you take proper sleep at night before appearing for your test. Do not consume any stimulating agents or substances such as caffeine or nicotine a night before your test. It is very important to refuel your bodily resources, hence, do not substitute your sleep with any of the substance and keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

2.Optimistic thinking is the key

When we become nervous, we tend to focus more on the negative things rather than thinking about the positive aspects which does no good to our performance. Therefore, it is essential to indulge yourself in imagining positive outcomes by visualizing success and feeling the optimism within yourself. You should concentrate on the positives of the test and should not feel disheartened even if you aren’t able to clear your driving test this time. Always remember that it is not the last chance rather you can appear again for the same test with more practice.

3.Be mindful about your body

You should always feel the firmness of your feet when you are on ground and keep a focus on your feet just before you are in your car. And once you are in your car, then you must pay whole attention to your hands and your hands must be on the steering wheels. You should be mindful about the tension in your hands, make sure that you soften your hands and feel that the tension is gradually getting out of your body thereby giving you a feeling of relaxation.

4.Present is all what matters

You should keep all your five senses in complete focus. Tune all your senses in to the present situation so as to keep a note of what you see, what you smell, what you hear, what you feel and what you taste. Keep your mind and body in the current situation and you should not be thinking anything about the past or the future.

5.Take a deep breath

Whenever we face any stressful situation, we tend to breathe faster. Even in the relaxation therapies, it is recommended during meditation and other health practices that breathing can prove to be very beneficial for reducing stress. Hence, while you become nervous, you should breathe slowly and deeply which can reduce your stress levels and make your body calm. You should first close the right nostril by using your thumb, and then you should keep your palm in front of your mouth by placing all the fingers on the forehead, and finally breathe inwards and outwards using your left nostril as per your comfortable pace.

6.Make a counting from one to ten

While appearing for a driving test, a person may feel nervous and hence become easily distracted. One can avoid distractions by counting from one to ten before starting any task.

7.Relax your shoulders

The tension in muscles tends to build up along with increase in stress levels. Therefore, it is important to notice the tension in the shoulder muscles and breathe slowly so as to reduce the muscle tension and soften your shoulders, and getting relaxed before starting driving.


Therefore, the bottom line is that your complete focus should be on your safe driving and not on the driving test or the examiner. Therefore, rather than focusing on the examiner, you must concentrate on your driving style and take safer decisions while driving your vehicle.

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