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Should I Use The Internet for My Network Marketing Business?

The World Wide Web is the largest economic shift since the Industrial Revolution. Internet Social Media has taken over every industry, including the porn industry. It is now the #1 movement on the internet. Just think about these stats. If Facebook were a country, Facebook would be the 4th largest country in the world. How about them apples…

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Can you figure out where this is all going? World-famous economist, bestselling author, and Advisor to two US Presidents said: “The Internet represents the greatest economic revolution in history, and it’s only just getting started. The impact of the Internet, which is even now only in its infancy stages, can only be compared to the invention of writing, which created the birth of civilization, and the printing press, which created industrialization.” – Paul Zane Pilzer “The Next Millionaires.”
The reality is nobody knows how big this will be, but one thing is for sure: it will surpass anything we could ever imagine.


This is from Robert Kiyosaki: “I believe the Internet is bringing a shift to the world a million times more profound than Columbus discovering America in 1492. Just as explorers like Columbus opened the world to new wealth, the Internet is opening even larger worlds of wealth to today’s explorers.” – Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”
The internet is the biggest global commerce in the world, and because of that, if you are not positioned in the right place with the right tools, all of this won’t be very meaningful.

Marketing on the internet is a huge leverage maker. You can reach more people than ever, but if not positioned on the internet, your product and your compensation plan won’t matter.

Let me break it up for you. Since only a few people will see your products if not positioned on the internet, that means fewer sales and very little money for you. Got it…

Here’s where things usually fall apart for internet and network marketers. The network marketing company offering the products will also provide the marketing and sales funnels and, sadly, the Training. What…

I know that is very weird. It is as if the Boston Red Sox played the New York Yankees, and Alex Rodriguez played offense for the Yankees and defense for the Red Sox. It makes no sense, right… This explains why more than 98% fail in this industry…

I don’t know about you, but this is very conflicting. When I work in the restaurant industry, I always ask why someone has never worked in a kitchen or designed a kitchen. Why is there not a cook involved in creating?

It’s the same thing here. How can someone who creates a super duper vitamin can teach you how to market it? It sounds a little hypocritical. About someone who creates this great juice? Or the next great communication thing? I think you get the picture. None of them can teach you how to make money on the Internet.

To have a chance to succeed, you need a stand-alone Internet-Based Marketing System in place, or you will die in this New Economy. This is an internet-based world, and whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it is here and not leaving.

Remember the stats I shared with you earlier about the internet? You show me anything that has 1.72 billion of anything; most of all, you can advertise to all of them at once if you want.

But they give YOU a nice website! Ok, your network marketing company gave you what my partner calls a replicated cookie-cutter website. This does not mean you are on the internet, far from it. The fact is that none of those sites are created to sell anything. If you look at it, they are designed not to sell anything or join you in your business. I am dead serious here.

The fact is here, it goes much deeper than just a website… If you want success in Network Marketing today, you will need a configured website designed for internet Lead Generation personalized for you and your business. You will need a sales letter written by professionals who intend to sell your products or your business 24/7/365. You will need professionally written auto-responders and a sales call center to make the sales.

All this is called leverage. This is what the top income earners do and use. Who slows down the body; what does all this mean?

No worries, you are not to blame here. No one ever took the time to show you. That is what I am here for. It also means you do not have any of the above in place for your business, which is a problem. They kept this from you, but not anymore.

Conversely, 99% of marketers could not sell anything to anyone unless they had a marketing sales system. All this time you have been marketing, the odds have been against you. If you play craps in Vegas, it would be like you have been betting the middle of the tables the entire time.

And just so you know, to make sure I am clear here. A sales system is not inviting your friends and family to a call or a webinar explaining that they will double their current income with the next best lotion, potion, and vitamin deal. Let’s be serious here…

Now for the good news: this is not difficult or costly to get… In just a moment, I will introduce you to the #1 proven privately owned internet-based sales and marketing platform precisely designed for Network Marketers in this New Economy…

Privately means that any other network marketing company does not own them. Absolutely no conflict of interest here. Only the finest, most updated, and best marketing system. Depth daily Training, custom-built platform, and sales support for all its members to keep them miles ahead of competitors.

Some of the so-called upline leaders or even the big wig of companies will tell you, “Stay away from the internet; it does not work for us.” You said what… It would be like ignoring the fact that an alligator is on your back porch. That is wild and, most of all, ignorant, and if you believe that mumbo jumbo, it will cost you a fortune.

As much as it hurts me to write this, if you hear someone tell you to stay away from the internet, RUN, RUN, RUN as fast as you can, and whatever you do, do not look back.

Here’s why they say this… As I mentioned earlier, the internet is the biggest global commerce today. It is a tool that lets communication at a level this generation and all generation has never seen before. Opinions, rumors, promotions, and advertisements can now be viewed at a record speed.

Huge wins and losses can be done in days by a well-designed company and place negative opinions or rumors on any search engines. It works the same for a network marketing company. A downline can be destroyed in minutes because someone started a story or a leader is jumping ship.

All Network Marketing Distributors have immediate access to an incredible amount of tools, systems, leaders, opinions, and sales pitches, which will continue to plant seeds of uncertainty and sidetrack them with the promise of a better, faster, and more efficient.

Rival ads can be displayed on anyone’s doorstep search engine results. When your customer or member feels discouraged, it feels like it is not working… They will be immediately exposed to thousands of other opportunities, stuffing the email box daily with everything they need to remedy their pain. This will happen to you and anyone who fails to get this crucial information in just a moment.

Unfortunately, there is no long-lasting guarantee since, in Network Marketing, each entrepreneur is only loyal to their option. And credit the internet because now everyone’s options are unlimited.

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