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Evening makeup does not have to be more complicated than the makeup we usually use. It is enough to know some tips to highlight certain elements. The idea is to make the face impressive under the artificial lights and that it is well defined, even in the shadows of the night.

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For makeup to last all night, the first thing we need to do is moisturize our skin before applying any product, we don’t need to have lots of money from forex sites, or to budget thousands for it. A clean, well hydrated face will be the canvas on which you will work best. It should be noted that the water with which one rinses the face must be fresh, to close the pores and thus, to make the makeup perfect.

Obviously, evening makeup is characterized by the use of colors or strong tones, mainly on the eyes and lips, because these will be the focus of attention.

The keys of evening makeup

Evening makeup allows us to apply more layers. To scramble the tones and add more contrast, in general. On the other hand, it also allows us to add more drama (more lashes, brightness keys, etc.).

The delimitation will be the key, both to enlarge and to give volume. For example, it is necessary to delimit the lips to make them more fleshy and voluminous.

The look will largely depend on how we do our evening makeup. Therefore, it is important that during the application, we consider some tips:

  • Translucent transparent powder: always put it under your eyes. This will help you to more easily remove the traces of eye shadow drops or mascara scraps. When you finish your makeup, simply sweep the powder with a brush.
  • Use of a corrector: to correct imperfections and to unify the complexion of your skin. You can also use it around the eyebrows (or mouth) if you need to correct something that you have done wrong.
  • New trends: do not be afraid to dare glitter and shadows that include glitter. They will give you a very sophisticated look.
  • Balancing your face: If you decide that eye makeup is essential, choose a softer tone to apply on the lips, with discreet colors. If on the other hand you decide that the lips will be the main asset of your makeup, use neutral colors on your eyes. Remember, the less you disperse, the more sophisticated you will be.

Other tips:

  • Apply moisturizing lotions and makeup with delicate movements, not to raise the face.
  • Cover skin imperfections with a suitable concealer.
  • Choose a foundation with a texture appropriate to your skin type and apply it evenly.
  • To highlight the most beautiful features of your face, especially for evening makeup, it is recommended to highlight your eyes. One of the trends often used is smoky or smoky eyes.
  • It is usual to make up the eyes in black tones or more vivid colors. Like gold, silver, blue or purple.
  • Use a curler for your eyelashes and apply enough mascara, or you can also put false eyelashes. This look, with its copper and neutral tones, is a classic for all skin types. It is also perfect to stand out at a party, or on a romantic couple outing.
  1. Natural makeup – If you are a woman who likes to feel more natural but also to apply some makeup to be beautiful, there are shades of colors more sober. You should learn to use them to give you a sexier look.
  2. Intensify the look – A penetrating and impressive look is achieved through shades that highlight the natural color of the eyes (green for brown eyes, dark for bruises, etc.) Add a touch of gold or silver on the lacrimal area. The idea is to make your eyes bigger and therefore more intense. Maybe you can use some of your best online trading money to hire a professional to help you.
  3. Evening makeup for the wedding – For this occasion, you should wear an ultra glamorous and elegant make-up based on earth and nude tones.
  4. Smoky eye makeup and shine – Apply and diffuse dark and light colors and create a smoky look. The key is to choose colors that make a contrast. Shimmering shadows are perfect for evening makeup. If you only have dull shadows in your kit, look for the shine of the powder to add on the mobile eyelid.

You can see that there is a look for every occasion and that the night is the best time to innovate. Go ahead and use the colors and glitter that you cannot wear during the day!

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