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Road Trip Essentials For The Spontaneous Traveller

Having an opportunity to travel is a great experience, especially if it is an unexpected road trip with family or friends. However, spontaneous travellers know that even if a road trip is unplanned there are still some details, logistics and essentials required. Let’s have a look at these essentials.

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Making a checklist

Whether you are a seasoned or novice traveller, any traveller knows that the best way to prepare for a trip is to make a checklist. Why then, should a road trip checklist be any different? The only big difference is that it will not be the usual organized itinerary since this is not a planned trip.

Location: driving to your destination

When taking an unplanned or unexpected trip, nothing beats hitting the open road more than travelling by car! It is by far one of the most enjoyed and memorable ways of getting around. Choosing a location based on impulse is also part of this exciting, carefree and thrill-seeking experience.

It is, however, important to remember to perform a full car audit. From the most basic task which is checking oil and water to the more complex tasks such as brake action.

Part of servicing one’s car also includes having proper car insurance which is essential, especially when road tripping. In the event of vehicle damage or injuries, it covers your expenses so that you arrive at your location safely and stress-free. Be sure to comprehensively research the market for the best car insurance quote.

Don’t break the bank: budget and travel cheap

Last-minute getaways can be exciting. Although a lot of people are of the opinion that travelling especially road tripping is expensive. However, it can be surprisingly easy on the pocket and you can work out beforehand how much your road trip will cost you. All you need to do is get creative and think out of the box.

For example, choose a destination that you wouldn’t usually take yet at the same time is accessible, but that you have never visited before. This is a great way to stay within budget while at the same time boosting the local tourism.

Driving to your destination and good food planning are also some of the most cost-effective ways to save money if budgeted correctly.

The bare essentials: what you really need

Remembering to pack your own food and drink is essential even though you will most likely be stopping to eat. Although non-perishables such as cereal bars, potato chips, and jelly sweets are a better option for snacks, try to make sure that at least some of the snacks are healthy. This includes vegetable sticks, cheese sticks, dried fruits and nuts and fresh fruits.

As far as beverages are concerned, it would be better to take along some non-plastic bottles of whatever drink you prefer. Taking along water is a must though! Lots and lots!

Activities: fun and entertainment

It’s inevitable that you’ll get bored at some point in the journey, so it’s best to be prepared. Travel games are a great way to take a break, unwind and to keep things fun and interesting. This could include anything from actual games to made-up games. Having, a Pre-loaded iPod or phone with music is also a great way to keep entertained as it can be quite stimulating.

Technology: gadgets and apps

Despite the spontaneity of unplanned road trips, it’s easier than ever to plan ahead with the latest technology. Apps are a great tool in helping you get what you need and where you need to go. This is especially helpful since you are mobile and on the go. There are some great apps out there that offer all sorts of helpful information.

Safety: better safe than sorry

It is vital to remember to bring along the following items in case of an emergency as anything can happen, especially when travelling: a first aid kit, a flashlight, an umbrella, a spare tyre and a copy of your car insurance in case the car you are using is not your own.

Miscellaneous: other items

Here are some other items that might not be considered urgent, but are important, all the same, namely, a phone holder, electronic battery pack, neck sleep scarf, versatile road trip clothing, a waterproof jacket, a day bag, hiking boots, hand sanitiser, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a towel and picnic gear that is environmentally friendly.


There is no doubt that road tripping spontaneously is definitely an adventure that allows you to live your best life! It is also a truly unique experience as some of the list of essentials is rather surprising! Who would have thought that technology and gadgetry would play such an important part in road tripping today?


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