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Top 5 Things you should know before Visiting Israel

Well, you have already booked one of the affordable flights to Tel Aviv city, and you are now looking for a new pair of sandals or flip-flops. But do you what you should expect once you land in Israel? Here are five important things you should know before visiting Israel.

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1. Israel is a small nation

Generally, the compactness of Israel has always been a surprise to many travelers. Despite the huge world interest and the big stories you have heard about Israel, the country is very small. Believe it or not, you can take a hike in the desert, snowboard, and surf – all on a single day.

For instance, you can head to the north in the early spring for snow, then visit the Mediterranean coast for some sunshine and surf, and wind up your trip in the desert in the south of Israel. Though this is possible, it is not recommended. Otherwise, you will be too rushed to enjoy the sounds and the sights.

2. Israel is associated with amazing food

The wine and food in Israel are amazing. From the countless street vendors to classy restaurants in different cities like Tel Aviv, you can expect to be bowed by a fusion of aromas and tastes. You will get a chance to fall in love with some fresh, piping hot falafel, squeezed into a salad and probably tahini sauce. Travelers also get to learn from the locals how to wipe-clean a plate of hummus.

3. Jewish holidays

In Israel, most holidays are Jewish religious festivals. It’s great to experience them, and it is essential to know when they are held and plan in advance. During these holidays, the country gets lots of visitors, and that means most hotels are booked up. Planning in advance and making the necessary bookings will offer you an opportunity to experience these holidays better.

Note that the Jewish calendar isn’t the same as the Gregorian calendar. So, ensure you check the Jewish calendar when planning your trip to Israel.

4. Be open to new experiences and new things

Generally, Israel stands out as one of the top travel destinations in that travelers often have strong views about it, arriving with an entire set of political and religious perceptions and expectations. Often, these expectations are true, because you will find nearly everything you expect in Israel. You will find stunning views, friendly locals, take unforgettable road trips to the desert, and more.

According to most travelers who have ever been to Israel, the country is like a corridor where people, empires, ideas, and more meet. So, take advantage of its abundance during your holiday.

5. The country is like a melting pot of cultures

Israel’s population is made up of so many immigrants from various cultures. It is one nation where you will not stand out like a pretty sore thumb regardless of your creed or color. The country is a lot more casual than most people think. Expect to meet hi-tech executives and bank managers dressed in jeans!

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