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5 Ways To Save Money When Booking Your Next Flight

Let’s face it: one of the main barriers to your international vacation is the abhorrent fees and ticket prices that come packaged with airlines. I mean, for one round trip from the U.S to South Korea, you’re looking at a minimum of $1,200! That’s just the ticket price as well, not including any luggage fees.

5 Ways To Save Money When Booking Your Next Flight 1

But these high prices aren’t “static.” They can be different for everyone. Airlines use other techniques depending on where you’re buying your tickets, who’s buying them, and where they go.

Your IP Address Changes the Price

One trick airlines may pull when you purchase tickets online is your IP address. See, airlines may increase prices when they see your IP.

Your IP address is a special set of numbers that your computer or phone is given on your network. If an airline used your IP address to increase prices, you might not be able to do much. One solution is to download a VPN so that your IP address can be constantly changed or hidden.

But why would an airline company use your IP? Well, they might use it to observe your browser history, device information, and cookies. If you have a browser history that suggests you plan to visit Fiji, an airline may increase Fiji prices. It’s sneaky and privacy-violating, but airlines have been doing it for a while.

Choose Wisely Your Day of Departure

It may also be surprising to note that the day of your flight can heavily affect your ticket prices. For example, your day of departure falling on a Sunday or a Friday may increase the cost of your passport, as people going on vacation or business trips will be leaving as well on those days.

If you truly want the lowest prices, try to book your flight mid-week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. Not many people are leaving or traveling on those days. Therefore tickets will be a little cheaper.

Pay Attention to Fees

You may have found a great deal on tickets, but that doesn’t ensure a cheap flight. Many cheaper airlines will advertise their affordable ticket prices but coincidentally hide their fees. What fees, you may ask?

There can be fees for virtually anything. What cabin you’re placed in, how much luggage you have, amount of people with you, etc. Airlines can and will milk as much money out of you as they can. So be on the lookout for hidden details and fees. Otherwise, you may be spending much more than if you went with a slightly more expensive airline.

Check every Option

The easiest way to check if you get the best deal is to check every website or airline near you. There are flight aggregator websites that compare prices for you. Make good use of them to find the best deal and check if the flight is still available and if there are extra charges. Sometimes, sites show fake prices to lure you in, so watch out for those. Buying your tickets one day and finding out you could’ve had a cheaper option if you went with another airline stings.

Don’t Make Your Flight Miserable.

Having cheap airfare is great, but don’t sacrifice your cabin experience. The flight marks the beginning of your trip, and you’ll be on the plane for a while, so you want the experience to be decent at the very least.

Your happiness needs to come first. Just because a downgraded seat saves you $30 doesn’t mean you have to take it. Happiness over money. If you can afford it, why not make yourself feel more at home on your flight?

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