If you are a busy business person always on the go then you will know that packing can be the hardest part. I mean, nobody said that it would be easy, but… did anyone warn you it would be so hard? Don’t worry, we are here for you. We have worked hard to create a list of essentials that every survey and found that over 60% of people who travel for business has concerns about travel safety. This is where the whistle comes in. You can press a button on it or blow it for a couple of seconds. Either will activate contact with your pre-selected contacts. That means emails, calls or texts will be sent with your location. It will update your contacts with your location every three minutes until the alert is deactivated.

  • Filtered Water Bottle – hydration is never more important than when you travel, so make sure you always have fresh, clean, drinking water by travelling with your very own Surfstitch to get yours at a low price!
  • Of course, this list doesn’t include the basics like plenty of socks, underwear, and appropriate attire for your trip. Those should be easy, though. Just make sure you check the weather ahead of your trip! Don’t forget to make some time to explore your surroundings, just because you’re travelling for work doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sights.