Limitations of HTML Email Templates in MailChimp

In the past two years, we’ve seen big enhancements in CSS. Flexbox and Grid have sooner or later hit their stride in overcoming most people’s barriers to browser compatibility. Ultimately, we have begun to revel in all their possibilities, creating diverse layouts without many problems. However, even in some areas of the net layout sphere and internet site advent, things are becoming higher daily. With the start of electronic mail newsletters, things are stagnating in other areas. Email newslettemailre nevertheless residing within the Middle Ages – this is to mention, inside the 90s.


Indeed, developing a simple HTML email publication may be challenging, especially for newcomers. The principal stumbling block is a lack of compatibility with e-mail client email. The handiest are mail consumer marketers, still restrained; however, they range in the guide of numerous HTML subsets and CSS properties. This distinction is drastic: even as a few programs can support A to Z’s positioning, others enjoy trouble with managing the fundamental features like an instance max-width or border-radius. To make subjects worse, the entire variety of email clients emailing is good-sized. There is a whole bulk of them inside the wild. It is almost impossible to fulfill all their necessities and recollect their peculiarities. However, there’s hope.

The desirable information is that your advertising automation platform will assist you in addressing this. It will offer a few precious options and time-tested templates for building your subsequent email newslettemailut; there may be one important element to consider. Each platform has its vision of fixing this problem. It means that everyone sticks to its own set of rules. These regulations are obstacles that guide the customers thru their route of constructing a valid e-mail e-newsletter. Before developing the subsequent e-mail, the public wants to familiarize themselves with them.

Limitations of HTML Emails in MailEmailsSince each advertising automation platform has its boundaries, we will focus these days on one of the leading carriers accessible – MailChimp. It serves hundreds of thousands of users and offers billions of email newslettemailonth-to-month. It has an almost twenty-year history. So there may be a massive chance thatyou are one of its clients, or you may consider it a future platform for automating your advertising routine and campaigns. There are several useful matters to recognize earlier than switching your idea onto a virtual medium.

First things first. Let’s discover what factors you are forbidden to use in your email publicatemailSo don’t, beneath any instances, use for your email publicatemailhings like:

JavaScript. Although this programming language is broadly used for growing interactive factors in websites and is nicely enshrined in the web sphere, almost all e-mail custom emails block it. As a script, it might pose a hazard to the general public.

IFrames. For the purpose cited above, iFrames are also broadly unsupported. Containing JavaScript code, they may bring malicious content to the target market. So, no iframes by any means.

Divs. As cited at the beginning of the object, many programs that control users’ emails stay wiemailshe Middle Ages. Therefore, a few things we find trivial in recent times can be tough for them to render successfully. So, even though it could sound blatant, avoid divs for laying out the content material.

Flash. The technology for building interactive interfaces is believed to have been dead for nearly a decade. Developers live away from it within the websites, and email newslettemailre not any exceptions. Email customerEmailck it, so permit Flash to rest in peace, no matter what.

Forms. This is a complex one. While the same old form’s components, including inputs or checkboxes, are displayed via a maximum of the e-mail customeemailhout a hitch, the paintings of the “submit” button may also cause problems. The put-up button requires JavaScript to images nicely. However, JavaScript is forbidden. So once more, attempt to avoid conventional forms and choose in favor of alternative answers.

Embedded Video and Audio. Like it or not, if your subscribers do not use Apple Mail to open their emails, then aemailsthe embedded media, whether a video or simple audio, received’t work. The reason is easy: as a rule, email customeremailno longer aid HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags.

Embedded CSS. Generally, email clients emailt aid external stylesheets like styles within the <head> section, so regrettably, embedded CSS styles are a no-no. Even though MailChimp allows you to add them, it’s miles logical to keep away from them on your e-mail publicaemailThat’s no longer all: at the same time, as we have indexed matters which you ought to in no way use for your email newslettemail few different things need to be used with caution. Once again, because of lack of help, they can destroy the complete revel, and no person wishes that. Things to pay precise interest earlier than using them in your electronic mail publication are:

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