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Bathroom Technology Innovations That You Might Consider

Smart homes are so much more impressive than what we imagined in the past. Just take a look at lifestyle and home magazines and blogs. You will quickly figure out that you have access to so much interesting technology that you can use in all parts of the home, including the much-neglected bathroom.

Bathroom Technology Innovations That You Might Consider 1

Your bathroom is where you spend so much more time than you might initially think. This is why you want to be sure that you make your stay there as comfortable as possible. Besides working with a really experienced specialist at Fix It Right Plumbing in the Australian area for proper plumbing work, consider technology innovations.

High-Tech Faucets

Infrared sensors are no longer the top technology that can be used with faucets. You can easily use these in your homes, but installing some electronic timers is also possible. These prove to be really useful to time various tasks, like when you brush teeth. These are particularly useful if you are interested in saving water. You turn on the water, and then it automatically turns off for the desired time. Then, the water is turned on.

High-Tech Toilets

When it comes to toilets, there are so many interesting options that can be considered these days. The tech added to the toilet can do various things, like keeping the seat warm, using automatic water spritzing, cleaning itself, and moving lids automatically using a simple motion sensor.

One trendy technology is the heated toilet seat. It is wonderful whenever you live in a place where it is cold. Your regular seat can be replaced with the high-tech warming version. Also, take a look at what the addition of motion sensors could do for you. You may want to include automatic flushing.

Take A Bath In Style

With the use of modern technology, a bathroom becomes an incredible experience you absolutely love. For instance, you can take advantage of the chromotherapy function, enhancing the room’s mood with colored lights. Lights would be added to the tub, and you can easily change them based on needed effects. Want some extra relaxation? Just use purple or turquoise. If you are interested in creativity stimulation, how about adding some orange or yellow?

Speaking about baths, nowadays you can also control the temperature of the water in an automatic way. This is quite common in free-standing bathtubs. Wouldn’t you love having a bath with a completely uniform temperature instead of worrying about adding more hot water as you spend too much time soaking?

The Automatic Bathroom

Think about how it would feel to walk into your bathroom and to have lights vertically turn on, all without you doing anything. Then, you walk towards your toilet, and the seat will automatically lift. You already know where this is going as you want to wash your hands or other body parts. The automated bathroom is closer than you might think.

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