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Analyzing The Latest News Regarding Fake IDs

There are millions of people in the United States. Some of these individuals are underage, which means that they cannot buy tobacco products or alcohol. Some people will attempt to skirt the laws by utilizing fake identification documents. This is good, but it is also illegal. In fact, the manufacturing of fake IDs is illegal. In recent years, news regarding fake identification cards has created interest and debate. Below, the reader will learn a great deal more about the recent news regarding fake IDs.

Nashville TN

This week, it was announced that a man in Nashville, Tennessee, had got himself into hot water by utilizing a fake check and a fake ID at a local store. Local police say that the man used a counterfeit check and ID to purchase a local store watch. The watch was supposedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The police affidavit claims that Michael Simmons used a fake ID in the victim’s name to obtain a UPS driver package. The suspect is alleged to have taken the package, which contained a watch worth approximately $640,000.

Why fake ID is an American rite of passage


The watch was purchased using a counterfeit check, which was also in the victim’s name. It also contained the victim’s bank account information. Simmons was arrested, and he has now been charged with identity theft.


The use of fake identification cards is not a problem solely faced by the United States. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority recently ran into a problem of its own. The agency announced this month that an employee had been fired for supposedly creating fake ID badges. The agency believes that a male employee had created a fake ID badge to falsely identify himself as a doctor. The agency released a memo with a picture of the photograph and the man in question. It also requested employees to notify police if they spot the man.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority refused to go into greater detail. Nevertheless, it is true that the California fake ID is a problem in the United States and abroad.

New York

New York is definitely one of the biggest states in the entire world. It has its fair share of problems. Many people are aware of these problems, but some of the problems are hidden in plain sight. This is definitely the case when it comes to fake IDs. A recent news release announced that the United States had seized a record number of fake IDs last year. The Governor put together Operation Prevent in hopes of cutting down on underage drinking in the state. In 2017, law enforcement in the state seized more than 814 licenses. The number climbed to 892 in 2018.

Operation Prevent has indeed been a success. During the same year, authorities in the state ticketed 922 individuals for using false identification or utilizing someone else’s ID. This is a problem that is far more widespread than most people could ever imagine.

California Pilot Crash

During the past few years, the world has experienced an increasing number of plane crashes. Just recently, a man driving a small plane crashed in South California. It was announced that the plane had broken apart before crashing. It was later revealed that the plane’s pilot carried false credentials claiming he was a retired police officer from Chicago. The man was identified as Antonio Pastini. He was filled when his plan broke up and fell apart in Yorba Linda.

The crash eventually led to a house fire and the death of four individuals. At this point, a cause has not been identified. The Chicago police have confirmed that the 75-year-old man did not work for them. Again, this is yet another problem associated with the use of fake identification badges and documents.

Triadelphia Man Uses Fake Idea

This week, it was announced that a man driving a suspected stolen vehicle got himself into even more trouble by allegedly giving a deputy a false ID. On January 29, deputies spotted a stolen vehicle on McCutcheon Road. This ultimately led to a traffic stop. The driver was eventually identified as 33-year-old Corey Hackathorn of Benwood. It is alleged that Hackathorn provided a deputy with a driver’s license which belonged to another individual. Originally, the officer did not notice that the driver’s license did not belong to the man driving the stolen vehicle.

Hackathorn and a passenger were arrested. Hackathorn continued assuming the other man’s identity when signing two fingerprint cards. He did so using an illegible signature. At this point, the defendant is facing six counts of forgery. He has been thrown into the Northern Regional Jail. And is currently being held on a $14,000 bond. Hackathorn has eventually identified thanks to his tattoos and his mugshot. Nevertheless, this is yet another way that fake IDs can get out of control.

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