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Reduce Your Expenses in Roma without Reducing Your Holiday Quality

Rome is the capital of Italy and was once the capital of the Roman Empire. Now Rome is a city with many ancient historical relics and Vatican City patron, the center of the Catholic world. Rome can’t be separated from Catholicism and vice versa. As one of the oldest cities in Europe, this city has become one of the main tourist destinations for anyone who wants to vacation in Europe. If you are one of them, reading this article is the right step.

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This article will describe some considerations that should be considered before you set foot in this old city.


Of course, this is one of the main points of every tour. You certainly do not want to have trouble traveling from one place to another in Rome. Note that Rome is one of the European cities that frees transportation costs for children under 10. This means if you bring children under the age of 10, then you do not have to pay for them. Of course, this applies to public transport modes.


When you are about to buy a ticket, you should make sure you do it before you get on the mode of transportation of your choice. Similar to so many countries in the world, purchasing public transportation tickets can’t be done while you are in it. The unique thing is you can change your route within 75 minutes. This is because ticket validation takes about 75 minutes. Make sure you do not make a mistake in choosing the course.

If you are a new visitor who wants to downsize, then Hop On Hop Off Bus is the most recommended option. Using this mode, you can enjoy all the beauty of Rome as you are on the balcony of your home. Not only that, ticket prices that range from a dozen Euros to 30 Euros are quite affordable considering you will be facilitated to travel around all the corners of Rome that is famous for their beauty. There are several bus transportation mode options for you, and you need to read reviews about Rome Hop on Hop Off Big Bus Tours vs Roma Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours (

City Pass

Just like other world tourist destinations, Rome also imposes a city pass. This is a kind of card that can replace the stack of tickets. Some types of cards even apply free transport to designated objects. Just like the bus mode selection, you also have some interesting options. It would help if you considered a few things and, most especially, whether your choices can meet your needs and expectations. Read reviews about Roma Pass Vs. Omnia Pass Vatican Rome City Pass ( ) can help you to determine the best for you. By using the city pass, you can save your expenses because you do not have to pay a unit fee every time you enter a tourist attraction. The prices vary considerably, not more than 100 Euros, and are accompanied by exceptions at certain ages.
Drinking water

Try to avoid street vendors selling water. They usually set a price that is quite expensive just for a small bottle of water. For a 12 oz bottle of water, you can pay up to 2 Euros. Try to fill your water storage with plenty of tap water in some corners of Rome. That way, you can save quite a lot! Do not worry about the cleanliness of the public tap water because the Roma government ensures that every public drinking water meets European hygienic standards.

Selection of lodging

Try to choose a cheap lodging place close to the airport. By following this advice, you can save taxi fees from the airport to your accommodation. Affordable inns near Termini Station are well-known and commonly used as a benchmark by backpackers. With an average cost of less than 80 Euros, you can get some comfortable lodging options.

Some of the above points you need to consider before you travel to Rome so that when you get there, you can prepare everything to save your expenses without reducing the quality of your holiday.

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