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With the current advancement in the computer gaming industry, more and more people are contemplating the best specifications to include in their gaming PC. After all, in a world where graphics and speed really matters, who wouldn’t want to own the best gaming PC there is.


Current computer games have placed a great demand on the computer’s hardware. These computer games demand too much as too requiring a fast central processing unit (CPU) to function. Initially, CPU manufacturers relied on increasing clock rate to improve the performance of their processors. By the year 2005, manufacturers have begun to adapt multi-core CPU technology, which allows the computer to process multiple tasks simultaneously. This allows the computer to use more complex graphics, artificial intelligence, and in-game physics, which are core elements in modern computer games.


Many 3D computer games also demand more on a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU), which is responsible for accelerating drawing complex scenes in real-time instances. These GPU’s can be integrated on the computer’s motherboard or come packaged with a discrete graphics card. Some modern computer games require physics processing units (PPU), which accelerates physics simulations in modern computer games. These PPUs allow the PC to process more complex interactions among objects that the CPU can’t accommodate.


Sound cards are also vital in predominantly 3D computer games. This hardware provides for improved and enhanced 3D audio of the game.

So what is the Best Gaming Computer then…
The idea of building the Best Gaming Computer is one that has crossed many computer gamers’ minds around the world. But when this idea also comes into play, two schools of thought come to light.

One school of thought is that the Best Gaming Computer has garnered the best and most powerful specifications available in the market. PCs are constructed after a list of computer components found out to be the best gaming machines based on specifications. This is “The Best in the Market” school of thought.

On the other hand, there is also an idea that instead of building the best gaming computer based on the best specifications in the market, one should build the best gaming computer based on the user’s needs. People pursuing this school of thought construct their best gaming computer based on a list of computer components found out to be needed by the user and not the best in the market. This practical school of thought is called “The Best for You” school of thought.

The “Best in the Market” School of Thought
People who are considering that big guns are the best should follow this school of thought. This school of thought believes that the best gaming computer is the one equipped with the best and latest computer component in the market.

This school of thought’s main advantage is that users are assured that they will be enjoying the fastest and best quality (in terms of graphics and speed) experience for their computer games. They can easily play graphically demanding computer games at higher resolutions without a problem.

The main disadvantage of the “Best in the Market” School of Thought is the financial aspect. To achieve such a gaming computer with the best components in its specifications could shave out thousands, or even tens of thousands, from your budget. If you want the Best, then be prepared to pay the price; of course, big guns cost a lot, you know.

If you still want to pursue this school of thought and you have the budget to afford such a price, then you can visit several websites to check on the best computer components in the market.

The “Best for You” School of Thought
For practical gamers, this school of thought is what suits them best. This school of thought believes that the best gaming computer fits the user’s needs and not the user’s wants.

This school of thought’s main advantage is that it can address your gaming computer needs with less amount of money to shell out for it. Gaming computers constructed with this in mind may not be the best or fastest in the market or the world. Still, it is one that is easy on the user’s pocket while delivering the needed specifications to be able to function when playing modern computer games.

If you want to follow this school of thought in constructing the best gaming computer for your needs, here are some hints and questions that you must keep in mind:


1. What will I use my computer for?
2. Will I use my computer solely for gaming?
3. Or will I also use it for another purpose: such as listening to music, editing pictures, watching movies, chatting with buddies, or surfing the Internet?

Consider the gaming computer you are going to buy or construct. If you used it for simple tasks, it would be a waste of money to spend on high-end computer components if you really don’t need that much power for these simple tasks.


4. Do I really need that much power?
5. Is 50MHz really worth having?

Ask yourself if you really need those extra MHz or MB that a high-end computer component can provide you. For example, it is great to have a Quad-SLI machine with four Nvidia 8800 Ultras powered by a Quad-Core Extreme Processor. But do you really need that much power if you want to play The Sims 2, which can adequately run on a low-cost GeForce graphics card?

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