Reasons You Should Skip the House and Buy A Fancy Boat Instead

If money was no obstacle to you, what would you choose to do with your life? Would you travel the world by jet plane? Would you party it up every night and buy the most expensive wine and eat the most expensive delicacies available to you? Would you import sheets made of Egyptian Cotton to sleep on at night? Would you fly your friends anywhere in the world, they asked, just because?

If money were no obstacle, the world would be a much happier and hopefully generous place. Though this isn’t a reality for most, and much of the world can’t forgo their day to day responsibilities to experience what it’s like to live the high life, there are just so many advantages to doing just that. If you’ve ever thought: “Heck, I want to buy a fancy boat instead of a house and live life on the wild side,” here are reasons you should do just that:

You Can Travel Anywhere

Seeing as the oceans of the world cover 71 percent of the globe, you could see how navigating those waters would be helpful to you. If you skip out on the house and buy a fancy boat, like a yacht per se, and live on it and circumnavigate the world like you’re Magellan or Dora the Explorer or somebody like that, you could travel anywhere that you like on a whim and not be tied down.

When you need a place to dock your yacht, find some vacancy, take some time to explore the land, and once you’re ready to move on, you’re off wherever the water will take you.


You Can Swim Any Time

There are a lot of countries in the world that are entirely landlocked. This puts huge limitations on life. If you live on a mass of land with no body of water in sight, you can’t swim, you can’t fish, you can’t do water sports, you can’t enjoy what would be second nature to you if you didn’t buy a house and bought a boat to live on instead.

If you buy a fancy boat and raise a family on it while you circle the world, you might be able to guarantee that your children grow up to be little Michael Phelps, or mermaids, or something of the like. You’ll also make certain that your children grow up cultured and know what they’re blessed with.

Living life on a yacht, a sailboat, or any other boat isn’t a life for everybody, but it sure is an exciting life. If you love the water, you love the idea of being able to go anywhere in the world with your home in tote, and you like the idea of not having a mortgage to pay on a house that locks you into one place, skip the house and spend the rest of your life on the boat living the life of your dreams.

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