Engagement Traditions Around the World: Trendy Proposal Ideas

Engagement is a significant event in one’s life and the first step towards marriage. The length of the engagement varies worldwide, but one thing in common: engagement gives two people the opportunity and time to get to know each other and figure out if the marriage will be successful. In most cases, engagement begins when the woman accepts the man’s engagement ring (in other words, she says “Yes”). This is why making sure that the setting and the engagement ring itself are perfect. If you want to get a resounding “Yes,” you must make sure everything is perfect. Keep in mind that various countries have different engagement ring sizes differ. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

Interesting Engagement Traditions

In Eastern Europe, Slavic people have chosen to wear their engagement rings on their right hand instead of the usual left. This choice’s exact reason is unclear, but most people in Russia, Germany, Austria, and Poland do so. Most other European countries wear the ring on the left; the average ring size is around 0.5 carats in Europe.’Check out Orla James for a fantastic range of diamond engagement rings.’


Not all countries are all about diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. For example, in Italy, diamond engagement rings were definitely not the trend. Until the wealthy Venetians started buying diamonds. So, even though an engagement ring without a diamond would be unusual in North America, it would be quite acceptable in Italy.

Not everyone prefers diamonds. For instance, in France, many Parisian ladies prefer various other gemstones. Among favorites are sapphire stones, emerald stones, and ever rubies. Setting an engagement ring with one or more of these gemstones can get you a “Yes” from a French woman. On the other hand, in the UK, women prefer diamonds; the average ring size is around 0.6 carats.

Argentinians are more pragmatic. They often use their engagement rings as wedding rings too. This saves them quite a bit of money, of course. However, it also means that you want to get a bigger engagement ring (by bigger, we mean over 0.6 carats), considering that it will be used as a wedding ring.

In India, many women receive various bangles and bracelets in different shapes, styles, and sizes instead of engagement rings. Of course, any of the bracelets or bangles could have one or more diamonds – as well as other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

Chinese people have just recently started to use engagement rings when proposing. Before rings, they just exchanged various household items and even money to mark the new engagement. Now, the Chinese engagement ring’s average size is around 0.5 carats – the same as the average size in Singapore.

The Engagement Proposal

In most countries, the way you propose makes a big difference. You may have noticed this from movies, and it is actually true. It takes much effort to make the engagement proposal the best one ever. This means choosing a place she loves, setting the tone of the evening, having a great time with her, and then surprising her with a gorgeous ring and a heartwarming promise that you will always cherish her and care for her. And of course, don’t forget to bend the knee.

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