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The Best Ways to See NYC by Water

There are a lot of well-known views of NYC like from the top of the Empire State Building or even from one of the outer boroughs. That being said, one of the best ways to see the Big Apple isn’t even from in the city. That’s right, the best way is by water! Not only can you get great photos and views of the NYC skyline, but you can also see some of New York’s other attractions like the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. Here are the best ways to see NYC by water!

Viaggio a New York: i posti più cool di Manhattan e gli itinerari

Cruise the New York Harbor!

If you want to see New York City from the famous harbor, you need the right cruise. There are a lot to choose from, but Liberty Cruise NYC has the best sights with the best guides. Check out Liberty Cruise to see the Statue of Liberty from up close like never before! Learn more about the Big Apple from an expert guide and don’t worry about waiting in long lines or struggling to take a great photo. Book your ticket in advance to secure your spot on this unique tour.


Explore the scenic waters by kayak!

If your idea of a fun time involves enjoying the great outdoors, a kayak tour is for you! New York has great waterways, and there’s so much to see from a kayak that you can’t see otherwise. You can kayak on your own or with an expert guide, and you’ll see the city like you’ve never seen it before. Kayak tours are open from May through the summer, and this is a great way to get active while exploring the beautiful area.

Learn to sail in the harbor!

Sailing is a unique experience not many people ever have. Sailing in the New York harbor is even more exhilarating! You don’t need any formal training to join a sailing class in the NY harbor, but it’ll for sure be a once in a lifetime experience. Learn how to sail with Manhattan in the background. You might be surprised with how much you learn, let alone the once in a lifetime view!

Cheers with a champagne cruise!

Is your idea of a fun day or night one in which you’re surrounded by great food and great friends? Then you should consider a champagne cruise. These luxury cruises take you for a ride on a luxurious yacht or cruiser, and there’s great food and entertainment! These cruises take place any time, but they’re best enjoyed at night when you can see the city lit up against the night sky! You’ve never enjoyed the city like this! There’s something about the sparkle of a glass of champagne that makes Manhattan so much more appealing!

Walk over one of the NYC bridges!

While this technically isn’t from the water, the bridges do straddle the area between boroughs and islands. New York City is known for its breathtaking bridges, and you can explore the city in a whole new way just by taking the time to walk across one of these bridges. The best bridge to walk across is the Brooklyn Bridge which has a great walkway for visitors. You’ll see lots of tourists stopping here for great photos along the view. The best time to walk these bridges is at sunrise or sunset when the skyline is lit up with the sun!

See NYC from the water!

New York City is one of the best cities in the world, but so many people forget to step outside the city and see it from another perspective. While there’s a lot to see in the city, there’s just as much to see from outside the city! Get the best views of Manhattan and the outer boroughs by exploring the city from the water!

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