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How to reduce auto pollution using technology

Technology can be beneficial in many ways. It has certainly simplified our daily tasks, from housework to driving. The truth about our vehicles is that they are bad news for the environment. Vehicle exhaust does a lot of harm to the world we live in, and auto pollution has been blamed for many diseases. Is it possible to use technology to reduce auto pollution? It is. And here’s how.

1. Alternative energy sources

A hybrid car combines electric power and gas. This makes the car a great choice in pollution -laden streets. If you do have to use a car extensively, make it a hybrid. Or, if you’re looking to drive shorter distances, go in for an electric car. It’s efficient and gets you where you need to go. Apart from this, you can also choose vehicles with a track record of clean gasoline-burning technology or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

2. Better use of technology in cars

Fuel alternatives alone will not ensure reduced pollution. You should go in for vehicles that use technology in more efficient ways. For instance, cars that have harder, less flat tires reduce friction on roads and therefore mean less smoke, displays that show the driver how much or the little impact he is making on the environment with his driving, better systems for idling periods so that the engine is not unnecessarily engaged when the vehicle isn’t running or has come to a stop, adaptable valve timings in engines for efficient gas consumption, smaller, more powerful engines, better heating and cooling systems, LED headlights, and better quality steel in the body build. The used nissan gt-r with its tire pressure monitor and premium wheels comes with interesting features to help you with your ride.

3. Self-driving vehicles

Also called autonomous vehicles, self-driving vehicles are projected to enhance fuel efficiency from anywhere between 15 to 40%, reduce greenhouse gases, and potentially ease traffic congestions. Driverless cars have already been tested in a few cities globally and have met with mixed success. In time, better technology will surely reduce the chances of mishaps.

4. Alternative vehicles

Whenever you can, use an electric scooter or cycle to work. Technology has made cycles so lightweight; you can balance one on a finger. The cycle can be folded up and tucked into your knapsack or a bag and can travel with you wherever you go. Auto pollution can be tackled to a large extent by using non-polluting vehicle alternatives.

5. New technology

Emissions are a huge problem, and there’s technology being created now that eliminates pollutants when there’s sunlight. The treatment can be used to coat roads and roofs and works using the same proves of photosynthesis. The technology is still at a nascent stage, and there’s no clear sign if it will be effective, but its possibilities are exciting and endless.

Air conditioners use CFCs, which are known to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Creating zero emissions on the road is a goal that technology builders are taking seriously. The plan is to use liquid air, an alternative system for all our air conditioning requirements.

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