5 x Smart Wearable’s That Are Trending Right Now

Fashion and technology have fused, and the results are awe-inspiring. We can’t get enough of these super-intelligent and stylish pieces, from smart jackets to next-generation watches.

As more fashion companies are getting clued up, there are also some accessories we’d rather do without. How are smart wearables worth looking out for, and what does the future of fashion look like?


Solar Watches

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Let’s start with a slightly less obvious choice: The solar watch. This eco-timepiece has existed for centuries but is undergoing a rebirth. The latest solar watches are equipped with a lot of amazing features. They’re generally hardwearing, waterproof, and have a battery life of 6 months on a single charge. You also get smart displays and fashionable straps decorated with shimmering crystals. There are no more unattractive solar strips on these watches; the solar battery is intricately hidden underneath the eye. That makes the solar watch a stylish and convenient choice.

The Smart Ring

Are smart rings the future of wearable tech? » Gadget Flow

If you love jewelry, check out the new range of smart rings from pioneering companies like Motiv. These rings are made from precious metals and can give you important stats about your health. That includes monitoring heart rate and even the quality of your sleep. You can pair some products with smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa (source: TGN). It’s a definite step into the future.


The Intelligent backpack

Google and Samsonite's smart backpack is a better use of Jacquard | Engadget

Another fashionable accessory that is becoming smarter is the backpack. The new generation smart backpacks come equipped with internal chargers and anti-theft mechanisms. It’s ideal for anyone on the go, such as college kids and frequent travelers. These intelligent bags will soon be mainstream thanks to their high practical value.

The Intuitive Jacket

100+ hours of intuitive hand embroidery on vintage denim jacket | Domestika

There’s one fashion + technology collaboration that’s had us all enthralled. Last year, Google and Levis revealed that the two companies worked together to produce the ultimate smart jacket. There is plenty of technology woven into the fabric of this denim clothing. It includes interactive, touch-sensitive pads and a Bluetooth hub in the cuff that will let your jacket communicate with your smartphone and perform actions such as taking calls. On top, you can control your favorite music and adjust the volume by swiping against the jacket.

This sounds rather complex, but the two giants in the fashion and technology industry promise this jacket is specifically designed for people with fast-paced lifestyles, such as commuters. Therefore, both convenience and user-friendliness have been accounted for. It will be a while until we see the Levis x Google garment hit the shelves, and it’s likely to come at a price, but this could mark a new era of smart fashion.


A New Couture

In an already competitive industry, there is a new hunger to make Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer shows even more spectacular than the next while simultaneously taking a swipe at the rivals. Many of the most successful fashion designers in the world have started incorporating technology into their runway looks. Many of the most successful fashion designers in the world have begun incorporating technology into their runway looks. This year, we have seen dresses surrounded by fluttering mechanical butterflies on the pages of Vogue, smart sneakers that can sync with your music and video, and magical temporary metal tattoos that change the design while they’re being worn. Beyond practical wearables, designers use artificial intelligence (AI) to probe the hottest trends and evolve consumer tastes worldwide. This will make the fashion industry deliver more intelligent, inspirational products faster. The future of fashion has arrived.

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