Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Get your lawn ready for the future seasons by following these 3 commercial landscaping companies that specialise in installing and repairing irrigation systems. Find a trusted, local specialist and you will be set up ready, in time for the next Summer.

Weed Worries No More

Are you tired of weeds that keep coming back every year? Put your weed worries behind you by applying a selective herbicide to your grass now and the weeds won’t have a fighting chance. The key is to spray now, before it becomes an issue. Like most plants, weeds also absorb the most during Autumn, including herbicides. Feeding them with herbicides now means they will die out when Winter comes, your lawn will be weed free and you; stress free. It’s recommended to apply most herbicides during Autumn. If you do so, you’ll definitely see the difference this Winter. So, get ready to put your feet up this winter instead of fighting a weed invasion.

Now that you’ve got these tips, your lawn is on its way to being happier, healthier and stress-free, just like you. Take the time to enjoy a hassle-free Winter this year by following these 3 easy tips to improve your lawn all year round.

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