3 Reasons To Use A Chemical Supplier Company

There are many reasons to use a chemical supplier company in order to acquire resources for your industrial company, but there are three reasons that are especially significant: they supply a variety of chemical resources; they have strong customer service; and they have years of industry experience behind them. Any company within the industries of coatings, construction, mining, energy and water treatment will appreciate these major qualities that chemical suppliers bring to the table.

  1. Years of Industry Experience

One significant reason to put your company’s trust in a chemical supplier is that they have years of industry experience under their belt — a reputable supplier has adapted to changes and trends in market, perfected their service model, and built loyal relationships with clients and strong partnerships with manufacturers. An example of a thoroughly experienced chemical supplier is the company CCC Chemicals, which has been growing and developing since its inception by R.R. Carr-Harris in 1920. As one of the largest independent distributors in Canada, as well as the tenth largest distributor in the continent of North America, CCC Chemicals has proven its professionalism and skill within the industry.

  1. A Variety Of Chemical Supplies

Instead of finding one source for each chemical that your company needs, you can go through a supplier to acquire a variety of chemicals needed for your products and services. A chemical supplier will carry a vast selection, making sure that your company does not need to hunt down every individual chemical manufacturer for a large project. A distinguished chemical supplier will have a large portfolio of chemicals available for your company. In the digital age, this portfolio is easily accessible online for your perusal — for example, the website has lists of chemicals, separating them by chemical category or by their industrial targets, like municipal water treatment.

  1. Strong Customer Service

A seasoned chemical supplier will know how to provide excellent customer service, so that their clients can have get the best results possible. They can offer technical support and suggestions, lending their expertise to both common and uncommon issues related to the industry. Other helpful offerings include chemical blending, which means that a chemical supplier will use their own facilities to help blend a mixture of chemicals to your company’s specific instructions — this mixed formula will be protected under a tight Non-Disclosure Agreement. The level of customer service can also extend to packaging and labeling products, storage of bulk orders, and swift delivery of those products by professional drivers. A chemical supplier will cater to their client’s needs to ensure that they feel supported and accommodated in every way



Chemical suppliers can offer strong customer service, a varied portfolio of chemicals and often have years of experience behind them. These three qualities make the services of a chemical supplier invaluable, considering how much these benefits can help your specific company. Any company — whether they are part of the mining, energy, construction or water treatment industry — can profit from the assistance of an esteemed chemical supplier.

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