Activities You Can’t Miss Out On If You Love the Great Outdoors

There are two types of Do Enjoy Life people in this world. There are the city slickers and the country slickers. One life for the view of the skyline lit up at night and the hustle and bustle of busy business-motivated living; the other might visit the city but could never see themselves living there long term. The wilderness speaks to them too much. The trees hold conversations with their souls, and the relatively lax pace of life is better suited to the beat of their hearts.

If you’re part of the latter group and you love the great outdoors and are always looking for ways you can spend more time getting to know it in all of its facets, here are activities you can’t miss out on:


Biking New Mountain Trails

Much of being outdoors is going to require that you are active. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, it’s safe to guess that this isn’t much of an issue. One idea for an activity you should do more of is mountain biking. Amazing trails will take you through old mining tunnels and logging bridges. You’ll see the most breathtaking sights from these places accessible only by mountain bike. Some courses are more dangerous than others, but you can always find one that will be right for you and your fitness or comfort level.


Some people aren’t hunting fans, but that’s probably because they’ve never done it. Hunting is a thrill. There is so much that it encompasses it’s hard to describe. Hunting connects you with the great outdoors, forces you to be quiet, and puts you in tune with nature like nothing else. There’s also nothing like the thrill of shooting an animal from a distance and knowing that you’ll have meat in your freezer all winter long if you’re into that sort of thing.


Camping in Untouched Locations

Camping is great for some of the same reasons that hunting is. You get to disconnect with the real world, but everything else is on hold, and enjoy existing. People don’t do this enough, so people are all about it when the chance comes to camp. What’s even better about camping is camping in locations virtually untouched by human hands.

The pristine atmosphere is so special, and the views you get to see that few other eyes have seen make the experience like none other. Be sure to bring the right gear, of course, and let somebody know where you’re located in case of emergency, but if you love the outdoors, camping, hunting, and biking, new trails are a must.

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