7 Easy Steps to Installing a Drip Irrigation System

As resources become scarce all over world, water is one of them, that is definitely moving fast towards the same. It is a rather eminent resource that should be preserved and not used senselessly or waster at any given point in time. There could be various factors driving this wastage or the usage of this resource. Some of them are external conditions such as weather, factory residues and other forms of wastage that might affect the functioning of the water supply in most of the regions. The usage of water is possible only by keeping up with where it is being used and for what purpose. This will help you also understand how much of it to be used for your garden, your cash wash, and other similar activities. Drip irrigation systems help you channelize this usage and understand how much of it is actually to be used. The following steps will show how to install it:

  • Take the measurements of the dimensions and so on of the place that you wish to actually install the system in. the main irrigation line can be connected to its junctions in between only and make sure that you’re aware of how long you want to use it for and where all it has to be connected.
  • Making a clear diagram or so with all the dimensions of the area where you want to install the system is always a safer method to see how much you need to spend and where all this will be helpful.
  • As the faucet gets connected in the layout that you have created, you also need to consider two possibilities. First, when there are sub-lines that you need to connect your main line to, refer to your faucet measurements and take note of where all it has to reach. This will help in the formation of lines and will give you an idea about the usage of these lines, that is, whether you will be experiencing leakages or not. Second, there might be changes that you have seen a possibility of leakages, and with something like this, you might have to check the status of your faucet. After minor twisting and turning, this will be possible. 


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  • Now with the help of your layout, analyse the irrigation lines that you need and how much of it you actually want for it to support your system.
  • Depending upon the water capacity and how much of it you want your garden to receive, make sure that you punch in some holes into the system and actually understand the requirement of this kind of water capacity.
  • Connect this to the main line for pressure and assembling the timer.
  • For turning on the faucet, you can either manually do it or simply get a timer.

The benefits of this kind of a system actually helps in conserving and preserving water for most of your water supply. This also serves the purpose of not wasting a natural resource and at the same time, helps in maintaining your garden, or for any other purpose. Pro Green Irrigation is well aware of conserving and preserving and at the same time, believes in this system of advanced technology to help your irrigation system out.

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