Top 4 Tips to Help You Spot a Fake Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is a lady’s best friend. So, if you have finally found the love of your life, a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry is what you can use to propose. But, beware of dealers in the market that sell fake diamonds or cheaper gemstones like cubic zirconia or moissanite in the name of diamonds. Make sure you test their quality properly and buy the real ones.

Diamond Ring

Diamonds are an investment in your love. If you are unfamiliar with a diamond’s structure and components, you may be unable to differentiate between the real and manufactured versions. However, this is not any reason to stress out. There are several jewelers and gemological laboratories across Winnipeg to carry out professional testing for you.

Besides, learn to spot if a diamond is fake or real with the help of these tips –

  1. Do a Scratch Test

You will be amazed that diamonds are one of Earth’s strongest naturally occurring substances that can even cut through glass. To test your diamond on this parameter, you need a plate glass and a loose diamond and scratch the glass’s surface with a diamond. If it crosses the glass, the chances are the diamond you chose is real. However, the biggest issue is that it may damage your expensive diamond.

  1. Try to Fog it Up.

To test the diamond you purchase, hold it between two fingers and breathe on it with a puff of air. It will create a layer of fog that should dissipate quickly if the diamond ring is real. But if it stays fogged for a few seconds, the chances are that you are looking at a fake one. This happens because diamonds are good at conducting and dispersing heat. The non-diamonds, on the other hand, don’t have such properties.

  1. See it in a Strong UV Light.

Your UV light bulb can give you a crystal clear picture of the authenticity of your diamond ring. The real gem would glow blue under black light. If the crew shines in any other color, most likely it is fake. However, note that a few diamonds do not change their color at all, so this test can be indicative but not definitive.

  1. Check its Transparency

The commendable properties that give diamonds those colored sparkles distort the text when a diamond is faced down. So, to ensure you don’t have a fake diamond, grab a newspaper and hold it with its pavilion facing up. If the text is visible and readable through it, that is not a diamond. Your real diamond ring would bend the light so intensely that the reader would be completely unrecognizable.

The last thing to consider is that a diamond will not be mounted in a cheap metal if it is real. It will only be set in white gold, platinum, yellow gold, pave or side-stone setting, and the halo setting rings.

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