Look at the Rise in Accident Claims in the States

The US is often accused of harboring a ‘claim culture.’ The problem is that the number of accident claims’ continuing rise appears to shed truth on this.

Granted, the number of accidents is also increasing. The number of fatal workplace accidents has also risen by 7%. So let’s take a look at the rise in accident claims and what this could mean for the average person.

number of accidents has increased by 2.6%. This represents thousands of more accidents than in previous periods.

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This is even though workplace safety has never been better. It’s a big issue that employers are focusing on so they don’t run into problems later.

So what effect is this going to have?

average of 44.1% across the nation for those who have made a claim. This applies to anyone who has made a claim, not just those found to be at fault in an accident.

And these numbers have only been going up. The number of claims is rising, the severity of collision-based accidents has risen by 8.2% in two years, and the payouts are going up.

Insurers feel like they need to increase premiums to cover their losses.

Should You Be Worried?

The best workers’ compensation attorneys will always tell you that you should claim if you believe that you’ve been wronged. It would help if you didn’t allow potential rises in insurance premiums to scare you away from getting what you deserve.

Furthermore, many insurers offer accident forgiveness, so previous claims won’t necessarily mean that you get hit by huge insurance rises.


Last Word – Is the Trend Going to Reverse?

There are no signs that the current trend is going to reverse anytime soon. The numbers have been rising for years. Is it because of a lack of workplace safety or a lower threshold for making a claim? There are many theories.

The lesson you need to take away is that you must be protected, so make sure you have the right attorney on your side today!

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