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What is digital marketing?

It’s only through marketing that a company develops its fame and integrity. There was a time when marketing was done by calling, banners, notices, newspapers, etc. But that’s all long gone! Today, people prefer everything to be accessed at their fingertips. Traditional marketing will soon be eradicated, and digital marketing will take over.

Marketing means reaching out to customers with your product, idea, or service according to the customer’s choice, and digital marketing means marketing digitally, i.e., reaching out to customers through social media, websites, Television, emails, apps, etc.

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Digital marketing is straightforward for everyone to learn and work on. As digital marketing’s scope increases daily, people keep looking for the best online degrees to learn digital marketing, which can be easily discovered online.

The Beginning.

It’s been almost three decades since digital marketing came into being. During the 1990’s Archie Search Engine was created as an index to FTP sites. Archie was the first-ever search engine designed. The term digital marketing was also coined during this year. Digital Marketing became more complex and known during its second decade of establishment. As more people started using gadgets capable of accessing digital media and social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., developed, digital marketing was also raised.

Why Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides a wide range of access to customers. People prefer digital marketing as it is always available and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Digital marketing helps develop businesses and helps in the survival and competition of firms. It also helps in building a brand reputation.

Digital marketing plays an important role in all sectors. Today, if you take any site or app, and you find an advertisement representing some firm irrespective of its category. Technology has become so advanced that any common thing is being digitally marketized. The sectors that were never considered to be showcased on web portals are widely represented through digital marketing.

How does Digital Marketing Work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Increasing your website’s rank in the search engine result pages by increasing the amount of free traffic to the website.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO): Optimising the product, idea, or service through Social Media Sites.

Pay Per Click (PPC): An optimizing process where your website’s traffic increases every time your ad clicks. The ad’s publisher is paid every time the customer clicks the ad.

Content Marketing: Optimising through creative and inspirational content represents the brand and increases traffic growth.

Email Marketing: One of the fastest and most direct mediums to reach a customer. Email marketing usually is used to promote content and events and to direct the person to the website.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Business

Traditional marketing methods like ads in newspapers, Television, and magazines or the printing of pamphlets can sometimes be more expensive, and there are high chances of not getting enough traffic and accessibility to the product. Hence, digital marketing plays an immense role in gaining more traffic and accessibility with less expenditure.

As the number of people using the internet keeps increasing daily, digital marketing scope also increases. Digital marketing can reach more needful customers easily than the traditional marketing system. As internet users keep growing, your website gets more viewers, which produces traffic to your website.

As online marketing channels are the fastest and highest reach to customers, your product sales and business awareness also increase.


Many colleges and institutions insist on digital marketing as a separate course. Students keep looking for the best online digital marketing colleges for their studies apart from the usual degree they are pursuing and their work. With tough competitors and demanding customers online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead.

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