5 Best Elevator Maintenance Tips

Regular elevator maintenance is essential to the smooth functioning of your elevator. Keeping them in order is vital to moving people in and out of your building, customers, employees, or residents. Regular maintenance ensures that sudden breakdown does not happen. Even if there is a problem, it can be resolved easily if the elevators are maintained. Here are a few tips for elevator maintenance.

1. Maintain a log

You must maintain a log sheet of your elevator’s previous maintenance and repairs. This would enable you to track the problem. You can identify a pattern or trend as well. You must also keep a record of its operations. This would also tell you how the elevator is used and how often it gets called. You might also be able to notice something odd, such as a weird noise, which would help you diagnose the fault faster.

5 Best Elevator Maintenance Tips 1

2. Daily Inspections

This is the most crucial step in maintaining your elevator. Daily inspection can tell you a great deal about the health of your elevator. Half the faults can be predicted and resolved beforehand, provided you inspect your elevator properly. You might notice some discrepancies, such as noise, door sticking, signs of vandalism, etc. You can make amends before the seriousness of the problem increases.

3. Replace malfunctioning equipment

The panel on your elevator would eventually burn out. Cab lights may burn out or break. You must get these bulbs and switches replaced by your contracted elevator repair service at the latest to avoid complaints and accidents.

4. Avoid the use of Industrial cleaners

It has been observed that often, the primary cause for internal mechanical failure in elevators is corrosion. Industrial cleaners tend to damage the internal mechanisms rather than help clean them. They are the root cause of pollution. The maintenance staff usually cause half of the trouble using such cleaners. It is suggested that you completely stop the usage of such industrial cleaners and use only the ones recommended by your contractor. You could also call an experienced company and get their advice on it.

5. Never overload the elevator

This is the most common mistake that people make. The cleaning staff generally transports heavy equipment and items in the elevator. When an elevator carries weight more than the stipulated amount, it causes serious damage to the mechanisms that make the elevator function properly. It causes accelerated wear and tear and poses a real threat to the lives of the people in the lift. It may not break down immediately, but long-term exposure to such conditions may prove to be fatal for the occupants inside of the elevator as it moves.

A general rule must be adopted that anything that weighs over a quarter of the elevator’s total capacity should not be transported. A separate service lift must be installed for such products.

A strict maintenance regime must be followed to ensure the safe and smooth operation of your elevator. The above tips should be able to solve most of your problems. If the faults persist, you must take professional help and get them fixed as soon as possible.

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