Some Common Problems You Face While Using WordPress and How to Solve Them

WordPress has undoubtedly become one of the best and most influential customer management platforms, enabling its users to develop and create a blog or website. Although most of the time, it does work smoothly and can even offer updates, which makes management much easier. This highly customizable platform allows users to input new plugins and themes for the website. However, just like any other technological software and device, sometimes you might face severe issues with the WordPress platform. Fortunately, several methods will help solve WordPress issues easily and effectively. - Wikipedia

Some common WordPress errors and their solutions –

  1. Email resetting option is not working – In case you have forgotten or lost admin credentials and are entering your email address into the lost your password section but aren’t receiving an email to reset the password. Then you need not worry anymore as you are not locked in forever! There are many ways through which this problem can be fixed.

Fix this issue with cPanel – The easiest way to fix this problem is by logging control panel services. wrote a detailed guide to fix this problem. This brand can offer you the best and most reliable web hosting services. After visiting the cPanel, find the databases section and go to the phpMyAdmin option. Then select WordPress database, go to w_users, and click the Browse option. After this, find your username and then click on the edit option.


After this, enter a new password, and under the function, select the Md5 option, then click on the go button at the bottom of the page. Now, you will be able to log in with your new password.

  1. Homepage does not look as shown in the demo – There is no doubt that WordPress can offer some of the best themes and layouts, which will help increase your website traffic. Most of the time, users have to go through a common error: the homepage of their website does not look the same as shown in the demo. A couple of reasons why this problem persists; one can be if the reading settings are wrong.
  • Solution for this problem –If the homepage is not displaying properly because of the wrong reading setting. This problem can be fixed by clicking the settings option and the front page display option. You can also prefer using homepage templates and creating a new page by visiting the page attribute option and clicking the template check option. Once you finish this, click on the save it/ publish it vote.
  1. The sidebar below content error –This error can be described as a situation in which your website sidebar moves below and remains no longer next to the main content where it has to be. This error can be quiteembarrassing and even raises questions on the integrity of your theme and website. However, when the layout breaks, it does not mean that your article is no longer active or shot to hell, as it can be fixed and corrected by considering some easy solutions.
  • Solution for this error – The main reason this error occurs is that you are using many open and closed div tags. Although there are several other reasons, this is one of the most common. Using too many div tags in the wrong place can completely mess up your website layout. When sizes are assigned to the sidebar and main content, which don’t fit exactly, the sidebar moves automatically from the screen’s bottom. Another possibility is if you have eliminated float property from the right or left. A firebug can overcome this error, which will help spot all such stuff.
  1. Images not uploading – Problems related to image upload can take place in different ways; some of them are as follows:
  • The entire media library is not displaying properly
  • In case you are not able to upload images to your website.
  • No idea is showing on your site.
  • Images are stated but in a broken format.

Although this situation sounds complicated, it is not so and can be fixed with some reliable solution.

  • Solution for this problem –Faulty files and folder permissions are two main reasons why image upload issues persist in WordPress. But, it can be solved easily by changing file permissions and finding a folder inside WP Content. First, you must set up the upload directory and folders within the permission level. To do this, enter the number in the field at the bottom. After this, choose to recurse into subdirectories and apply to directories as the only option. Then click OK, and the client will automatically apply for correct file permissions to your desired manuals. Again, click the OK button and wait until the process is completed.
  1. Error in establishing a database connection – Several factors can give rise to this error. Since you cannot connect with the database,, paying attention to PHP files becomes more important and not forgetting to double-check the process. If you don’t find any problem, then this error can be from the side of the web host provider. This can be because it might be possible their database is corrupted, or there is some issue in their database.
  • The solution to fix this problem -This problem can be solved by repairing the database. Most of the time, users receive a message when they try to access the admin panel. But this problem can be fixed by visiting the repair site. Once you are done with this, remove the added line, and most importantly, you need not have to check your hosting provider.

Conclusion – Different people use WordPress in different work environments for various purposes. So, in the post mentioned above, some common WordPress problems and solutions that will help you get answers are discussed.

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