Top Factors to Consider While Choosing AR 15 Scope

Do you have a knack for shooting? Have you tried various scopes and still not found the best AR 15 Scope for your gun? It would help if you kept in mind several factors while choosing a gun’s Scope, though most people think that it is only the gun that does everything. Apparently not! When it comes to long-range precision, target acquisition, or combining these two factors, the Scope decides how good a shooter you are. Yes, having a quality ar 15 upper receiver and lower is important, but the Scope is equally important. Let’s check out some factors you must consider while choosing AR Scopes.

AR 15 Scope

Mounting system

Probably one of the deciding factors of a Scope is your hardware. The mounting system is important as it comprises the Weaver rail system and Picatinny. If you want to use the BEST AR 15 SCOPE, ensure the mounting system has advanced weaver and Picatinny and sufficient space to mount the gun.

Range of the Scope

Because you use guns for hunting purposes, you must check the range of the Scope before installing it on the weapon. Normally, AR 15 Scopes are very user-friendly, and almost everyone uses this Scope for their rifle, but if you choose from a wide variety, do not forget to watch the Scope and check the range. Many seasoned shooters or hunters install the Scope on their gun, check if the content matches their contentment, and then consider buying it.


Many Scopes come with magnification facilities, but it all depends on what your target is going to be. The most important thing about targets is that they should be visible through the Scope. If you think your target is tiny, opting for a Scope with magnification would be best. For long-distance targets, elaboration would be crucial. Be it a small target or a relatively big target, magnifying the Scope would not obstruct your aim as you can switch the magnification on or off according to your need.

Types of AR 15 Scopes

Different companies in the market offer amazing AR 15 Scopes, but you need to use the best from the lot. So, here are some of the top AR 15 Scopes that you can choose from:

  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 – with great magnification and versatility, this Scope can easily win over your competition Mod 1 3-9×40 – the BEST AR 15 SCOPE when hunting with a gun or rifle.
  • Vortex Optics Sparc 2 – for those with a budget crunch, this Scope has all the features a hunter wants in his rifle.
  • Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x 24mm is best for hunting and winning shooting competitions.
  • Aimpoint Pro Patrol optic – it is for shooters who are capable of shooting accurately and shooting fast.
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