Celebrities and their Favourite Casino Games

Could you imagine yourself being bound neither by the limits of money nor of the time? Wouldn’t you spend the greatest part of your free time and spare money (it is sure to be quite much) on the most pleasurable indulgence, like casino playing? If you are a fan of gambling, your eyes must be sparkling with pleasure right now! Now, be ready to imagine how much celebrities enjoy themselves in casinos, not worrying about losing the bet! Most of all, they prefer high-stakes games. Being aware of celebs’ passion for gambling, showgirls, glitter, parties, and Hollywood stars are the first that come to mind when we hear “Las Vegas” or “casino” words. So, we will unveil five popular casino games that are most widely played by celebrities. Perhaps you will right now reveal your favorite artist’s favorite casino games.

7 Best Online Casino Games to Play

Fans of Slots

Funny, ordinary people and celebrities equally love attractive slots. Pamela Anderson is among the most notable celebs adoring slot machines and video poker. This busty beauty is a frequent guest in Las Vegas casinos. And who knows how much time she spends at home playing and other video slots online?! At last, not all of us have the opportunity to play a slot machine with our images in it, while Pamela sees her sexy picture every time she launches the Baywatch slot released in the 1980s.

However, unfortunately, not all celebrities get pleasure from playing slots. Popular music producer David Gest, Liza Minnelli’s former husband, was sadly known for his self-destructive passion for spaces. He kept losing around $ 10,000 during every single sitting on slot machines up to his death.

Poker Lovers

Poker is the most beloved casino game by celebrities. Moreover, most of them are real professionals, having won championships! For instance, Jennifer Tilly, a marvelous actress popular for her role in Haunted Mansion, is a great fan of Texas Hold’Em. Besides the winner’s title, she won $ 370,000 during the World Series of Poker Ladies Championship in 2005! Other celebrities who succeed in casino poker games are Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, etc.

What concerns poker losers is that perhaps the most outstanding failures are behind Toby Maguire, our kind neighbor Spiderman! This artist was so unfortunate and bad at playing poker that he even took private poker-playing lessons from a professional player so that he had to give up his favorite casino game and be mocked because of his endless failures.

Blackjack by Celebrities

Blackjack is another mega-popular casino game among celebrities. Unlike slots, where everything depends on the player’s luck, narrowed focus and strategic thinking are mandatory for winning.

Due to some movies with 21, in particular, the popularity of Blackjack has risen even more! People start believing they can win in this game with accurate planning and a good strategy, too, like the movie characters did(they counted the cards).

Anyway, we can’t know the secret of Ben Affleck’s impressive Blackjack wins, but the fact is he is simply amazing in this casino game! Once, in a high-stakes tournament, Affleck won as much as $ 800,000 but was banned for his “forbidden generosity” – he gave around $ 150,000 to the dealers!

Another celebrity who adores Blackjack is Tiger Woods. Though not as professional as Affleck, this professional golf player is still known for his blackjack victories.

Roulette as a Favorite Game

Suppose you love playing a roulette casino game. In that case, you must have experienced many moments managing at the wheel, like hypnotized in anticipation and then feeling the brightest ecstasy or the worst frustration. Believe us; all these emotions are familiar to Charles Barkley, a grandiose NBA star! This celebrity is so often seen in Sin City with his roulette friend that they are both considered the celebrity gamblers of Vegas! And can you guess who Barkley’s roulette friend is? Tiger Woods! Did you know that Tiger Woods is also known for playing in every Las Vegas casino?!

Las Vegas Casinos Most Visited by Celebrities

Sin City amazes us with its unique gleaming and the feeling of being all-powerful it gives to all its visitors. People worldwide head to Vegas to try their luck, so why shouldn’t Hollywood stars do the same?

Bellagio is one of the most luxurious Vegas resorts and casinos! Entering it, you get struck by the glittering chandeliers and the abundance of so many celebrities in one place! Be ready to meet Demi Moore, Matt Damon, and Alex Rodriguez here, as these celebs are frequent guests in Bellagio.

The Palms is the next most-visited hotel-casino by celebs. Stars love it as they have a chance to enjoy their favorite casino games in separate areas, away from the paparazzi’s eyes! Ryan Seacrest, Ben Affleck, Jason Giambi, Pamela Anderson, and Bruce Willis are constant Palms players!

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