Health care is the maintenance and improvement of your general health. Health care is basically the prevention of the diseases, diagnosis and then treatment of the disease or illness. It includes your physical and mental health in human beings. An example of this was the worldwide eradication of smallpox in 1980, declared by the WHO as the first disease in human history to be completely eliminated by deliberate health care interventions. For health care there are specialized human beings that we call doctors, and nurses.

Health care or health sector is a very significant part of a country’s economy. In 2011, the American health care system, consumed 17.7 percent of the GDP of US.

Since health sector is so important in a country, we need to know the factors that determine the quality of health care in a country and we need to work tirelessly to improve it even more.

The first factor is effectiveness, this would mean that the health sector should to a level that no one left, and everyone gets the health care that they have right over. The health care should be improved to an extent that the diseases are caught and treated on time, this would decrease the death rate increase the life expectancy and also improve the living standards of people. It relates to providing care processes and achieving the outcomes as supported by the scientific evidence that the doctor of medical practitioner has found in the diagnosis.

The second very major factor is the efficiency of the health care system. Health care is system is a very sensitive area where a little delay or a wrong decision can take a person’s life as well. Hence the efficiency of this system should be taken into account. The health care should be provided to every patient with the least delay possible.

Next on the list is the equity, every patient should be treated equally, no one should be considered more important than the other. Every life is sacred and we need to protect every life, hence there should be no injustice in the health sector. To maintain the fairness in the system, certain very clear rules and regulations should be formed.

Safety of the patient is another major factor to determine the quality of healthcare facilities of a country. Any actual or even any potential harm to the patient should be taken care of. The hospital or any other facility that relates to the health care sector need to improve their security in any way that they can think of.

Last but the most important factor is that the hospitals most importantly should be patient centeredness. The customer to the medical center is their patients and like every other business they also need to attract their patients. Hence they need to meet all the patient requirements and should know what the patient preferences so that they can adapt to those thing.

These are the very important factors that determine the quality of the health system of a country.