Five Common Skin Flaws And How To Deal With Them

Perfect skin is a myth. In your teen years (and for the rest of your life), you get acne. If you have skin allergies, you’ll deal with blemishes. Some people get skin tags all their lives, and others will develop dark spots and wrinkles as they age.

You want your skin to look good, even if you aren’t vain. You don’t want to walk into a party with a bruise on your cheek simply because you tripped and fell the night before. That means it’s important to know how to deal with some of the most common skin flaws. Here are some tips.

5 Common Skin Flaws Corrected With Microneedling: Chrysolite Aesthetics :  Aesthetic Medical Spa


Scars are a common skin flaw, even though not everyone has them. There are all kinds of ways you can get scars. Some people have them from acne chi,ckenpox, and other skin ailments. Some people have them because of injuries.


There are scar revision treatments you can get to reduce or remove scars’ appearance, no matter where they are on your body. This is a good thing to consider if you have a spot that makes you feel less than confident.


Even in adulthood, many people get acne. Sometimes, it’s women during certain times of the month; often, it’s both sexes during certain times of the year. A great natural thing to use to defeat acne quickly when it pops up is tea tree oil.

This natural substance helps dry your acne out and heals it. Tea tree is a natural healer, so get some to keep in your medicine cabinet at all times.

Skin Tags

Most skin tags show up in areas of the body where there is a lot of friction, like under your arms. However, some people get them around their eyes as well. While there is nothing wrong with having it removed (they often freeze them off or tie them off. If it’s smaller, you can buy a liquid removal made from natural ingredients.

Dark Spots

Dark spots and liver spots can happen as you get older. A couple of common places you may want to remove them from are your hands and face. You could cover them up with makeup or try some bleaching kit (which could hurt your skin), or you could try a natural lightener by using lemon juice on them.


The old wives’ tale on how to get rid of a bruise is to put a cold spoon on it. This does something to the blood vessels and reduces the time you have that bruise. Do a little research; you might be surprised at all the strange “cures” for bruises!

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