Tech tips for your business

Whether you are running a small start-up or a major goods business, it goes without saying that your company can be aided with technology.

Tech tips for your business 1

Here are some of the newest developments in tech to take your company to the next level.

Card readers

If your business deals with face-to-face transactions, then it vital that you have credit/debit card capabilities.

You can lose thousands of pounds a year from turning down potential customers because you can only deal in cash transactions. Not to mention that your competition might be able to, so you have to keep up to date.

The newest card readers come without big clunky hardware and come with contactless technology to speed up your transactions. The latest card providers will let you pay for their technology without lengthy contracts, so there really is no reason not to take advantage of this new tech.

Remote Telemetry Units

Remote Elementary Units (RTU’s) are a way to control large manufacturing machines from a remote source. They are a must if your business deals in large equipment and large scale workflows so you can control and manage them easily.

RTU’s manufactured by Servelec Technologies enable you to collect and communicate data from remote assets and the harshest environments.

Their telemetry units enable the secure automation and management of your network in real-time and provide immediate access to data from your connected assets. Choose Servelec Technologies’ solutions and enjoy peace of mind as an alarm. Changes of state and other operational data are all within reach while you simultaneously control your most remote assets at the touch of a button.

Servelec’s market-leading range of remote telemetry units combines robust hardware design, communications expertise, and leading technologies to enable you to remotely connect, monitor, and control your network of assets.

Cloud technology

If your company deals with large amounts of data and big workflows, you should consider moving to a cloud-based system.

Instead of running huge physical servers to store your companies’ data and information that need cooling and a high maintenance cost, then you really should consider moving to the cloud.

By moving most of your workload to the cloud, you cut out the need for physical data storage that takes up large amounts of space and money, and they are much easier to access and run.

Security and protection

Whether you run an online business or do some of your tradings online, you must have the most up to date and secure technology to keep your business and customers safe online.

Depending on the threat and size of your business will determine the kind of protection you need. If you do a small proportion of your trading online or need a computer to work from home, then any good ‘over the counter’ cyber protection should be enough to keep you safe from malware.

If you are dealing with large amounts of business online, you should consider a ‘managed security system.’ This is tailored around your company and offers 24/7 sophisticated protection online.

Ensure you take advantage of the latest in business aiding technology to take your company to the next level and keep up with your competitors.

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