Common Physiotherapy Techniques That Your Physio May Use

Physical Therapy, or Physiotherapy, is a holistic treatment method that aims to restore body parts’ mobility and functioning of any major illness, injury, or disability. This form of treatment works for patients of all ages and helps improve their overall quality of life.
Physiotherapy is performed by skilled and experienced physiotherapists (or physios) trained to specialize in performing this physical Therapy on different body parts.
This article lists and describes the different physiotherapy techniques a skilled physiotherapist in Delhi or any other Indian city may use during the treatment process.

Common Physiotherapy Techniques

Common treatment techniques in physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use the best techniques for the type of ailment the patient suffers. Listed below are some of the common methods used:

Joint mobilization

This physical Therapy is used for patients with joint-related problems such as joint pain or stiffness. Your physiotherapist thoroughly examines your joint to assess the situation, which could be joint pain, joint stiffness, joint pain, stiffness, or hypermobile.
Joint mobilization is performed by physiotherapists specializing in musculoskeletal parts and can include treatment methods such as gentle joint mobilization, mobility exercises, and minimal energy techniques.

Physiotherapy instrument mobilization (PIM)

Physiotherapy instrument mobilization (or PIM) involves using a mechanical spring-loaded instrument to mobilize the spinal cord and peripheral joints. PIM effectively treats headaches, vertigo, back and neck pain, and shoulder or elbow pain.
Patients suffering from these problems must seek the advice of a PIM-trained physiotherapist in Gurgaon or any city in India.


Along with human joints and muscles, nerve tissues in our body also need unrestricted movement and mobility. Neural tension can cause restriction and even pain in the nervous tissues of our body. Neurodynamics helps identify the nerves suffering from neural pressure and restore complete neural mobility.
Common conditions causing neural tension include bulging disc (or back pain), sciatica, neck or shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Muscle stretching exercises

Used primarily for rehabilitation following surgical or non-surgical treatment or as a preventive mode of Therapy, physiotherapists recommend various stretching exercises that promote the flexibility of your muscles. It is generally used for sports-related injuries to restore the mobility of the muscles.

Additional techniques

Depending on the condition or ailment, your physiotherapist can advise on other treatment techniques, including physiotherapy taping, kinesiology taping, massaging, and other gentler methods or physiotherapy exercises, proven most effective in treating or preventing pain and injuries.
Active athletes can seek the advice of a sports-trained physiotherapist in Noida or any other location to help treat and prevent sports-related injuries and improve their performance in the sport of their choice.
This article discussed the common physiotherapy-based treatment methods that are used for different types of problems. With the growing scope of physiotherapy, you can always consult a qualified physiotherapist for your overall healing and well-being.

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