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Why do you need a car accident attorney?

Going about a car accident claim must be a very fact-oriented process, or else you get settled with lowball compensation or no compensation. Insurance companies are known to become hesitant in deciding on car accident claims even if the evidence or proof of negligence is overwhelming. That is why you must have many necessary documents such as police reports, motor vehicle insurance policies, medical bills, and even photographs that can place witnesses at the accident scene. Remember, an attorney must reconstruct the accident scene to prove negligence, which will mainly be possible through photographs and witness statements. On the other side, you may not need so many documents if the insurance company thoroughly investigates the circumstances surrounding the accident.

So, why would you need an experienced Chicago Car Accident Lawyer to work on your claim? Well, the reasons include but aren’t limited to the following:

Why Should You Consider Hiring Car Accident Attorney ...

Legal advice and representation

You don’t have to be the severely injured victim to represent your interest in a car accident claim. Remember, as mentioned, there are high chances that other parties may try to blame you. A car accident lawyer will represent you in such an instance and ensure that none of your rights are infringed. For example, no one, including the police, will question you without a lawyer’s presence. The case can also be complicated, and an expert must reconstruct the scene.

Preparing witness statements

An experienced attorney will examine all witness statements recorded by the police and follow up on the accident notes. The attorney will also cross-examine the witnesses presented by the defense to fight the claim. Your lawyer will also be valuable in preparing elaborate witness accounts that can be used to reconstruct the accident scene and prove negligence. Moreover, if you want to win the case, all parties will have all the evidence and witnesses examined by experienced lawyers, and so should you.


You shouldn’t discuss it anyhow from the moment you retain an attorney, even with the insurance company. The trauma that the accident leaves you with can cloud your judgment when dealing with complex compensation laws. Therefore, your lawyer shall become your voice and handle any communication between you and the parties involved. That is, including the police if they also prove to be a nuisance.

Advanced medical services

Some injuries, such as spinal cord injury and broken bones, may need advanced analysis to be proven. Lawyers have been in the game for a while now, and they’ll know the right people to engage in regard to that. Moreover, you’ll need someone with the resources because compensation cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

Faster settlement

Lastly, insurance companies are never willing to settle claims easily, even in the most obvious cases. Experienced lawyers will see you get the compensation on time, even if you are negotiating outside the court. If you hire a lawyer with a preceding reputation, he should be able to score the right settlement even out of court. That is why it is also imperative to consider negotiation skills when hiring.

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