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Explore Pondicherry in just a weekend

Have a long weekend coming up? Or are you just seeking a change from the daily mundane routine? A weekend escapade to of Pondicherry can do the needful. An old-world French town juxtaposed with the quirks of modern civilization, the sea-town of Pondicherry is quiet and quaint. If you are visiting for the first time, you will instantly fall in love with this charming little place with its colonial heritage elements, standing amidst trend-setting structures. A quick getaway to Pondicherry can leave you revived and rejuvenated with the sun, sand, and the serene sea.

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Reaching there

Pondicherry is strategically located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, making it easily accessible from Chennai. You can also drive down from Bangalore by renting a chauffeur-driven car with Savaari Car Rentals. If you are traveling from Chennai to Pondicherry by car, it will take about 3.5 hours via the East Coast Road.

Things you can do in Pondicherry over a weekend

Whether you want to relax and unwind or hit the party trail and groove to the trending beats, Pondy has something for everyone, as the hipsters call it.

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Explore the Serenity Beach

Aptly named, this tranquil beach is just about right for a quiet afternoon or evening. If you are a surfer, then you would love to glide across the wild waves. Even if you are not a pro, then trying your hands at surfing can indeed be a fun thing. If all fails, you can sit and watch as surfers catch the wind and tame the waves on their boards.

Go for SCUBA diving

Pondicherry is the only place on the Eastern Coast that offers SCUBA diving options. The guided Scuba sessions take you through the coral reefs and the underwater world- an experience of a lifetime.

Boat ride to Paradise Beach Island

You can rent a boat from the Chunnambar Boat House and head to Paradise Beach Island or the Plage Paradiso. As you sail on the crystal waves, get mesmerized by the backdrop of lush green plantations on one side and the endless sea on the other.

Take a bicycle ride

If you want to roam, then take a bicycle ride through the town without an agenda. It’s a great workout and will let you see the nooks and crannies of Pondicherry, hidden from the guided tours.

Water activities on Karaikal Beach

Of course, a beach location invariably calls for all kinds of water sports. And Karaikal Beach is the hub of all beachy adventures. You can go boating, kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, and backwater rides. In particular, this beach is the best to catch the sunset’s breathtaking views and walk along the golden sandy beach.

Sailing and yachting

Given the distance from Chennai to Pondicherry is short enough for you to have an entire day to yourself to relax. For a little luxurious treat to yourself, opt for a ride on a traditional sailboat or a fancy yacht. Fitted with all comforts and luxury amenities, these yacht rides are pure indulgences on the sea.

Seek spiritual peace at Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Align with your inner self at the most sought-after spiritual center of the country. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a place that defines an alternative side to the old town. Inviting seekers from all around the world, this asylum is a place of discovery and divinity.

Offbeat shopping

The town is home to hundreds of cottage industries from hand-made soaps, aromatic candles, paper products, incense, and essential oils. Take your pick from organic and herbal products, souvenirs, and artifacts. But the most off-beat place to go is the Cluny Embroidery Center, provided you have a taste for hand-embroidered clothes. An 18th-century mansion houses women, delved skilfully at needlework, while the tunes of classic songs fill the air. You can pick up draperies and linens.

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