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Absolutely Delicious Culinary Tours around the World you shouldn’t Miss

The best thing about going on a culinary tour is that you can experience the local culture through its culinary feats, being guided by professionals. There are thousands of terrific locations with rich, diverse dishes to try, but the difficulty lies in deciding which one you should pick. So here are our top 8 culinary tours to help you choose.

1. The Dolomites: Whole Journeys

If you’re out of excuses to visit Italy, here’s the perfect one. The Dolomite mountains offer a majestic landscape, with abrupt cliffs, pastoral regions, and bucolic villages, and all that can really work up an appetite. There are plenty of enticing foods to experience, such as gnocchi and pizza, but you can also get an aromatic cup of wine to accompany all that. This hearty food will keep your stomach full after hiking or sightseeing, with all the amazing vistas you can pick from.

2. Chateau de la Barge: Let’s Go, Cook

From the abrupt landscape of northern Italy, we can hop off to a more gentle landscape offered by the region of Burgundy. Home to the famous Burgundy wine, you can experience other culinary delights in this medieval castle converted into a hotel. You can enjoy a bœuf Bourguignon for the main course and pamper your palate with a dish of Crêpe Suzette, the delicious pancakes.

With so many wines to choose from and varieties of cheese, this is a great location for oenophile cheese-lovers. But you’ll also get to visit the nearby rustic villages and monasteries to round up your trip.

3. Beijing: Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel will take you through the alleys of the hectic Beijing in search of the most appetizing street food. But if you don’t want to get lost, you’ll need one of the best outdoor watches, because China is renowned for its specially designated streets for outdoor eating, and Beijing offers many such pleasures.


You can try the Peking Duck, for instance, which is the representative dish. There are plenty of reptiles, octopuses, and frogs turned into culinary masterpieces if you want to try something more exotic. But that’s not all you can find in this area, as the tour will take you to important landmarks, such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall.

4. Marrakesh: Gourmet on Tour

Morocco is an interesting country, with a rich history and tantalizing landscapes if you’re into hiking. But if you want to discover a new side of Morocco, you can spend some time in a Berber tent, learning how to make some signature dishes. The Moroccan cuisine is spicy and sweet, with various influences that comprise delicious meals.

You can enjoy a delicious combination of caramelized fennel with onions, or you can enjoy bread made in the ground. The Berbers are renowned for their one-of-a-kind baked goods prepared in an outdoor mini-oven obtained by digging a small hole in the ground.

5. Cuba: Access Trips

With its enticing culinary successes and traditional dishes, Cuba has a lot to offer to foodies worldwide. Having Mediterranean influences, you’ll experience different goodies, like seafood and lasagna, but you can also enjoy the world-renowned Cuban sandwich.

Since Cuban cuisine has many notable influences from Spain, Africa, China, and the Caribbean, you’ll enjoy the spiciest, most favored dishes imaginable. You can try a very tender Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder Roast, which makes a great meal thanks to the unique sauce. And afterward, there’s nothing like a traditional Cuba Libre or a glass of Daiquiri to end the day.

6. Kenai Peninsula: Within the Wild

If you want to find out more about Alaska by experiencing its culinary feats, you can start with the Kenai Peninsula. This is the perfect place to try seafood of any kind, starting with the delicious salmon or various seaweeds. You’ll have plenty of oysters available, as well as wild berries for that sweet-sour taste.

This tour allows you the opportunity to visit many prominent food-related places, like a bivalve farm or a spruce tree forest. You can learn how to prepare various dishes too at the Tutka Bay Lodge. This culinary retreat is even discussed at length by the National Geographic, which gave it the title of Unique Lodge of the World, so you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

7. Georgia: MIR Corporation

Embark on an unforgettable tour that offers you an unparalleled journey through a foodie’s heaven. You’ll set camp right at the base of the Caucasus mountains, so there are plenty of hiking opportunities if you want to raise an appetite. You’ll enjoy nutritious meals, like the local khachapuri, a type of bread that’s filled with cheese so that you won’t feel hungry for hours on end.

But apart from the heart-warming, stomach-filling foods, you can also taste the wonderful, elegant, and fragrant wines in the county of Kakheti. This picturesque region is renowned for its local wines, and you’ll wonder through a stupendous vineyard landscape.

8. Lisbon: Culinary Backstreets

Apart from eating the best seafood available, you can try many unique dishes in Lisbon. The Portuguese cuisine is nutritious and satisfying, offering fatty deliciousness, proteins, and plenty of sweets. And olive oil is one of the key ingredients, especially in dishes like Polvo à lagareiro. This is octopus tentacles roasted in olive oil, along with garlic and boiled potatoes.

Or you can try the Algeria, which is a chicken-based dish disguised as pork sausages. This dish was invented by the 16th-century Portuguese Jewish people hiding from the Inquisition and decorated their homes with these sausages so they wouldn’t be suspected.

What’s your pleasure?

We’ve tackled eight amazing food tours you can embark on so you can delve into a carousel of culinary experiences. From the more elegant France cuisine to the hearty Portuguese experience or the earthy flavors of Morocco, we’ve got it all. So what tour will you choose and why? Have you gone on such a trip before? Let us know all about that in the comments below!

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