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Every functional organization has been documented. The documents are either stored digitally or manually. There is always a need for tangible documents stored away in a safe and reliable system. For instance, custom presentation folders organize marketing materials in one professionally printed package. The custom presentation folders consist mainly of a sheet of heavy paper with pockets and a border to keep the pare documents.

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The hard copies should be preserved for the following main reasons :


If digitally stored documents are insufficient proof, an individual must produce hard copies of the specific documents for identification purposes. Tangible documents are considered valid because soft copies can be duplicated and dispersed to many. Simultaneously, one person can only possess original hard copiesn, such as land title deeds, vars logbooks, national IDs, birth certificates, etc.

Guaranteed destruction if need be

Digital documents are hard to destroy completely as different people can replicate and possess them. However, if there is a need to waste a hard copy document, it is possible and efficient. Shredded or burnt paper cannot be retrieved compared to deleted digitally stored documents.


Computer systems are prone to failure due to various reasons. Soft copies are not the best solution for any emergency if the documents are needed immediately. On the other hand, hard copies can be produced impromptu to save the situation.

Safety and Security

computer systems can easily be hacked or accessed by illegal people. His, therefore, does not guarantee protection to the stored information and data. Tangible documents, on the other hand, are hard to access illegally. Important documents such as land title deeds and car log books can be stored in the bank. In contrast, personal documents such as national IDs and birth certificates are stored in specific places where illegal people can rarely access them. Access to secured sensitive tangible documents is next to impossible because one needs to be at the exact location of the papers to gain accessibility.

Avoid flaws that are likely to happen due to digital scanning.

Important parts or segments in a document can be omitted or distorted, especially if the scanning is home-done and there are no professional document scanning services.

The documents, however, need to be organized accordingly. There should be a file system or desk organizer. These two systems should be organized logically, easily accessible, and spacious to accommodate new documents with time.

A good document organizing system in an office is important for various reasons:

Portrays responsibility

Well-organized documents and worksheets depict a responsible, organized, and reliable person. The office is most likely to offer quality services.

Ease in document accessibility.

Storage of documents in specific folders and labeling them ease accessibility. The folders should also be stored in particular places in the cabinet or desk organizer.

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