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Aventus is a blockchain solution for selling tickets to events. DENT is a global market for data sales and purchases. Agrello develops an Artificial Intelligence interface that allows the administration and creation of smart contracts with the same legal basis as traditional contracts. MyBit manages the property by adding copyright data to the blockchain. It is just an ICO market sample, which shows how diverse the market is.Blockchain

Investors have been discussing blockchain technology in various areas (IoT, predictions, gaming, administration, etc.). These ICO projects are mostly opportunities to test what and how the blockchain can do and in what form. This is why BTCXchange does not intend to filter the listed ICOs. Learn more here.

We are not trying to filter the ICOs that will appear on our platform, although most likely, there will be a set of general requirements for an ICO to be listed with us in time. In short, we intend to bring order in this early and disordered field. However, it’s also normal to be misguided at any beginning.\

BTCXchange will exchange some of the coins after they are out of ICO.

We list only those for which we have technical possibilities; there are many and very different. For example, some do not have a fixed price, and the amount of coins is distributed proportionally among all buyers. This kind of currency cannot be listed now, but we may have a solution for that in the future.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea disturbed many influential people. Indeed, from the beginning, he hoped bitcoin would become a spin on the coast of the wealthiest people in the world who are trying to govern the economy. This attitude attracts many risks. Why would they assume them, especially when the adversary camp comprises powerful, resourceful people?

If bitcoin intermediaries cannot be trusted – and eventually, there are people you do not know – how can you buy and sell something on the Internet without worrying? See the Bitcoin Trader system review and understand how to profit from Bitcoin here.

Losses cannot be eliminated but can be brought to a minimum.

OpenBazaar, a decentralized shopping and sales protocol, is one example of buying solutions that remove bitcoin intermediaries. Its developers have recently published these five benefits that they believe will lead to a complete decentralization of online commerce:

1. Markets are resilient. No central control point can be broken down, neither by external agents nor by some internal agents.

2. Funds are not subject to central control. There is no central authority to invest trust and no jackpot you want to steal. Individuals control the funds directly and most likely use the multisig system for transactions.

3. There are no commissions. The exchanges take place directly between the parties; there are no site operators to stop a party for them.

4. There is no aggregation of data. Site operators (and data thieves) take advantage of data aggregation in centralized systems. Still, centralized systems do not have a data treasure buried somewhere, so there is a targeted reason.

5. Trust and reputation are dynamic. In a centralized system, you are forced to trust the site’s operators, and the reputation system is static and determined by the site operators. In a decentralized system, you do not have to trust someone else. The reputation system may appear without any control or censorship by the central authorities.

Check this out:

Reputation in its place (virtual)

It seems that reputation plays an important role in a market without primary empowered agents. You do not necessarily know the vendor’s name or how it looks. Theoretically, the Internet allows them to deceive without revealing their identity. However, he is less motivated to do so if he does not tempt him with $ 12 million in bitches.

The blockchain industry is worth trillions of dollars.

New York’s Union Square Ventures investment company thinks the winning projects based on blockchain technology will be worth trillions of dollars. The company currently manages approximately $ 1 billion in revenue and has already invested in the Coinbase Cryptomonas Exchange, based in San Francisco.

One of the Union Square Ventures partners, Albert Wenger, told CNBC that he believes investors can get significant revenue by investing in the right projects. Investors are incredibly rational when injecting much money into the blockchain sector because they know that winning projects will be worth a trillion or even a few trillion dollars. Of course, not all projects will be successful, but that’s just an increase in value for those who succeed.


When investing in cryptomonads, Wenger believes that the secret is diversification. He has stressed that many projects in the blockchain industry will disappear along the way, so portfolio diversification will help select the elements to ensure future success.

British Minister recommends using the blockchain.

Britain’s Housing Minister, Eddie Hughes, published yesterday a report entitled “Unlocking Blockchain,” proposing several methods by which the British government can benefit from using blockchain technology. Using examples from other countries such as Estonia, Hughes suggests that the government exploit this technology to develop social freedom, increase efficiency, and rebuild society’s trust in the authorities.

The British Government has stated that it is currently studying the potential of using the blockchain in various activity fields. Still, no concrete projects have been issued so far. The Cabinet of Ministers and the Digital Government Service are investigating potential uses of DLT / blockchain technologies in collaboration with public departments and bodies for future studies and proofs of concepts to streamline and support transformation.

The Hughes report proposes several areas where the implementation of new technologies will allow both the reputation of the population in authorities and significant savings. in the retail industry, blockchain can automate the operational processes, which currently involve considerable staff costs in the financial sector, investment banks can significantly reduce their infrastructure costs – by 30%, according to Accenture’s studies in 2017. The benefits of using blockchain mean 15-20 billion dollars a year reductions for international money transfer services and securities trading for the banking system.

Sweden uses a blockchain for cadastre and property registration systems, saving more than $ 100 million annually by removing bureaucracy and fraud and facilitating transactions. It also mentions the benefits humanitarian organizations can gain faster and the logistics industry’s savings. According to Hughes, the UK should create a “Chief Blockchain Officer” to coordinate the implementation of technology in the economy and administration so that the population can benefit from all the advantages of the blockchain.

Moreover, users can register in their digital wallets with minimal documentation. Depending on the need to trade with other users dealing with restricted products or services, they will only be subjected to a single KYC check. Depending on the sensitivity of these data, verified claims may also be hidden cryptographically. This ensures that only certain entities can access user information through the network.

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