6 Types of Software for Boosting Business Productivity in 2017

Using software for boosting business productivity is the way to go if you want to improve your results in 2017. Technology can simplify many tasks, increase production speed, improve communication, and cut costs. Take a good look at the options to choose which will work best for your business.

Software for Boosting Business Productivity: Types and Solutions

Team Collaboration Tools

The popularization of outsourcing and compiling teams of freelancers made establishing collaboration routes essential for success. Using specialized software, like Freedcamp, Asana, and Trello, will allow your team to work together effectively. Whether they are sitting in one office or five different countries doesn’t matter.

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This software allows managers to monitor project development and delegate tasks more efficiently. As these programs are available for desktop and mobile devices, your team can stay in tune 24/7 if necessary.


Using this software to boost business productivity also helps prevent delays, as you can spot and address any issues quickly.

Custom Web Applications

Hiring a custom web application development company allows you to create unique pieces of software. They can be tailored to your specific business needs and thus provide maximum efficiency. Unlike regular downloadable apps, these programs can also be used for brand building.

Don’t think that only e-commerce businesses can have their apps. You need to get more creative when coming up with ideas for yours. For example, a law firm can have an encyclopedia-like application to answer their clients’ basic questions. A beauty salon can develop an AR (Augmented Reality) app that allows it to ‘try on’ makeup and hairstyles.

You might consider developing custom warehouse tracking or reporting apps to boost your employees’ productivity.

Email Management Solutions

Email management tools can play different roles in terms of software for Campaign Monitor, are designed to manage email marketing campaigns. Using an app like this will save time for your marketing expert. A small business that can’t afford a marketing agency can run simple campaigns on its own.

There are also applications like SaneBox, which help manage your inbox more efficiently. A business owner can promote using those by their employees to boost their productivity. Applying these apps to business email boxes will help sort out the ‘clutter’ fast.

However, it would help if you were careful with ‘sorting’ applications that filter out emails, as they might accidentally lose important letters.

Personal Productivity Apps

Use this kind of software to boost business productivity to maximize the efficiency of your employees. These apps include:

  • Time management tools: RescueTime, Toggl
  • Habit tracking apps (block websites you waste time on): StayFocusd
  • Scheduling tools: Plan, Doodle

Social Media Management Tools

These programs are necessary for boosting your business’ social media marketing efforts. They can help manage several channels at the same time. For example, Buffer can schedule and queue updates on different networks and optimize your content for each.

You can also find tools designed specifically to work with one network, like AdEspresso. This program helps create the best Facebook ads.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software for boosting Salesforce even help with lead generation and sales forecasting.

Tiny businesses and beginner entrepreneurs can benefit from using apps like Insightly. It has many useful features, including gathering data from social media accounts and collating it in a single contact database.

Using Software for Boosting Business Productivity in 2017

Nowadays, business owners can access dozens of apps that can boost efficiency in every aspect of their business. Combining these solutions custom-tailored to your company can give you a competitive edge.

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