Pros and cons of being in a relationship

Relationships can be a bit tricky. When it goes well, it goes well. But when it goes south, it takes everything with it.

Humans are social animals. We want to be loved and have a sense of belonging. This can only happen when we have someone special in our lives.

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However, most people will go about five relationships before they find the right one. This can often take a toll on people and cause them to suffer. It’s not easy to break up. You get used to someone, and then having to live without that person can be excruciating.

But does the fear of losing someone means you should stop loving altogether? No way. Being in a relationship has both pros and cons. Let’s have a look:


A reduced pressure of keeping up appearances

You might not feel the need to make an effort to keep up with the latest fashion. People often tend to neglect self-care once they get in a relationship because they feel they don’t have to impress anyone anymore.

This may also be because they have someone by their side to compliment them. However, this thing can also often backfire. It does not matter your relationship status; you should always care about how you look and be presentable.

Reduced feeling of loneliness

Relationships give you a sense of belonging. You begin to feel less lonely since you have someone by your side to love you and be there for you.

According to reports, people tend to be less stressed when they are in a relationship. This is because being with someone can eradicate loneliness and put you at peace.

However, you must be in the right relationship for this to work. The wrong relationship will only add to the stress and make you feel more lonely and depressed.

Imagine being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t’ give you importance or who has no time for you. Such a person can make you feel unimportant or ignored, causing you to feel upset.

Increased self-esteem and confidence

Being in a relationship can have a positive impact on your self worth and confidence. When you’re single, you often wonder if you’re not good enough. This can make you feel sad and cause you to lose confidence.


You have to take your partner everywhere.

When in a relationship, there are certain things expected of you to do, like make your partner everywhere you go if they have the time to do so.

Of course, in a perfect relationship, you would not be forced to do so. But sadly, not all relationships are perfect. It can be hard for your partner to understand that you have a personal life as well.

This can often be difficult to deal with and cause problems between couples.

You might feel your privacy taken away.

Where every relationship has its beauty, sometimes it suffocates people and causes problems between them.

Once you get a partner, you will have to share everything with them. Things can get worse if you decide to live together. You’d not only be sharing your room and your bed but also your bathroom.

This can be a little too much to handle for some people.

You have less time to socialize

Once you get into a relationship, you will suddenly have less time to give to your friends and other family members since you’d have a partner wanting all your attention.

This can take a toll on people. You cannot start to neglect your friends just because you have a girlfriend or boyfriend now. The best solution is to have a ‘Friends Night” where it’s just you and your friends and not your partner.

Problems Depend on the Type of Relationship As Well

The kind of problems a couple faces largely depends on the type of relationship they have. For example, it cannot be easy to sustain long-distance relationships, especially if you two are in different time zones.

A lack of physical proximity can cause people to fight. Plus, there’s also a lack of trust as well. Similarly, problems faced by married couples are different from problems faced by unmarried couples.

All in all, it is good and important to be in a relationship. However, make sure the relationship is the right one for you. Do not be in haste and pick someone just for the sake of it.

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