Benefits of Elastomer Products

Electromagnetic interference (or EMI) can be defined as a disturbance created by an outside source, which can affect an electric circuit, resulting in the circuit not being able to function properly. Thus, EMI can negatively affect electronic devices’ workings and can result in that device malfunctioning and becoming useless. This can become a serious issue, especially if the electronic devices concerned are used in hospitals, clinics, or military areas. Thus, EMI shielding becomes a necessity.

Normal EMI shielding methods involve using metal sheets made of copper, nickel, or aluminum. These metals are useful in providing insulation against EMI because these metals tend to absorb radiation. However, these metals are also prone to deformation because of the way they are designed. These shields are fitted around the device, and it must be a tight fit – this can result in excessive pressure on the shield, and the shield will tend to become deformed. However, there are alternative methods of EMI shielding, which involve elastomer products.



Elastomers are highly desirable as products because of their key properties. One of their properties is elasticity, allowing elastomers to return to their original shape after being bent or compressed. This means that once the outside force is removed, elastomers will return to their normal form. Another property is one of resiliency. This can refer to recovery speed or returning to the original shape once the outside force is removed. Elastomers are highly resilient, which means that they go back to their original shape fairly quickly.

Apart from these two properties, elastomers provide good electric insulation and make them ideal substitutes to metal sheets as EMI shields. Because elastomers are easy to shape, it is easy to create EMI shields using elastomer products. An added benefit is that elastomer can help tone down the compression within the shield, which can improve the shield’s efficiency, allowing it to last longer than those made with typical materials like copper or nickel. Elastomer shields are also useful in military situations. They can help protect devices susceptible to electronic jamming – a trick that certain groups may use to gain an edge over their enemies.

Thus, when choosing to shield your electronic devices, it is recommended to use elastomer products because of their superiority over traditional metals. While choosing EMI shields, 3G Shielding is one of the best companies on the market today to provide you with the equipment that you require. If you wish to have customized shields, 3G Shielding will work with you as a part of their design team. The design team will be able to bring years of experience and expertise to the table. It will help you solve unique challenges that may come up, thus helping you build the perfect product – and will help you focus on required fields, while the team can help design a shielding solution that will work best for your situation.

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