A good queue management system should be adopted for quality output to achieve convenience and customer satisfaction in a business involving many people. You get to enjoy the quality and appealing services that are user-friendly in all your daily needs. The rapid increase in customers in various businesses without proper queue lines forms a major drawback. The queue management system is designed to bring mouthwatering services to your doorstep.


No business would like to operate in a crowded and jolted workspace. Isn’t? That’s why Akis Technologies brings you cutting-edge solutions to all your queue management issues. With our latest technologies and a vibrant artistry team, we work together to meet your business needs. The various queue management systems developed for use by our customers include:

1. Akis Web

This queue management system is designed to be versatile and efficiently reliable to all our customers. Being the best queue management system offered, it is fabricated to be used in health centers, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies. The various parts of this system include;


Systems Interface on the Web

It is designed to integrate with the menu for the ticket dispenser with the reservation for online booking. Quality service to the customers is greatly achieved with this system. Integrating the calendar into this system enables swift booking strategies.


Ticket Dispenser

The queue management system developer from Lithuania provides you with highly technological and good-looking ticket dispensers surrounded by aluminum. The device is appealing to customers’ eyes, thus creating attraction to them. They are very cozy, thus improving the appearance of any office setup. This is attributed to its attractive looks created by the silver color on the aluminum cover and its miniature weight.


This includes the main display and the workplace display. We provide customers with elegant devices for numeric, text, and graphics information displayed in different languages on the queue management system. The data is displayed on the ticket numbers or customer counters.


This complicated device is used for sundry functions limited to customer service and as a questionnaire. It is made using improved tools for selection, which offer easier integration with the queue management system.

Unit for recording voice.

Loss of information is one of the major challenges many businesses encounter. With this device, all data is stored. This includes all conversations between your team and the various clients to avoid loss of information.

As pro

We provide our customers with fashionable and highly flexible queue management system queue management systems from Lithuania designed for service delivery to sundry institutions such as health centers, government institutions, and insurance organizations. We provide quality solutions that surpass customer expectations. This system offers unlimited queues and service operations with over 200 customers in each queue management system. The parts of this system include;

Ticket Dispenser.

We provide you with high-tech, good-lookingng ticket dispensers surrounded by aluminum. This device is attractive to customers and can fit perfectly into any office setup.


The main and workplace displays are attractive devices that display numeric, text, and graphics information. They are designed in various fonts and various languages. They usually show the ticket number information and the customer counter.


This device is multifunctional with customer flow management and questionnaire functions. It is made using improved tools for selection.

Voice recording unit

This device collects and stores all the information recorded from the various conversations between the customer and the business.

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