Coolnew PDF: How It has Affected the Work

Do you want a pdf editor that is all good to go for some of the file-related needs? Do you want a single software that meets all your needs in a fraction of a second? Then, you are at the right place as we are here to develop software that can act as a converter, scanner, and split PDFs and helps to enhance your PDF experience. Let us know more about this and explore it as much as possible.

An outline of Coolnew PDF

PDFSuppose you want to stay more productive and work smarter with all documents. Cool new PDF is an excellent option as it has all features available, likewise editing PDFs, converting, and compressing them simultaneously. This merging Coolnew PDf is an all-rounder that can bring awesomeness to the PDF.

If talking about Coolnew pdf, it is a Singapore product and the best-ever PDF software flooded with great features.

If the users want, they can use it to combine pdf and split the same with merger, compression, and optimization options. All conversion features include office, texted copy, scanned copy, image, and CAD conversions. Some editing features include eraser, size, text, page number, paragraph, watermark, and more.

Specifications of Coolnew PDF

PDF Content EditingHere, we will mention some details we need to know before using any software. Let us take a peek at these below.

  1. Name of the product: CoolNew PDF PRO
  2. Web platform: You can access the website by following the link:
  3. Type of License: Six months are required.
  4. Deployment: It is entirely cloud-based or Saas or Web.
  5. Payment options: The users can make payments through four options such as monthly, yearly, one-time, and transaction.
  6. Desktop Platforms: The software is available as a web app and for Windows and Mac.
  7. Mobile Platforms: It is also available for iOS and Android.
  8. Language provided: It is only available in English for now.
  9. Suitable business type: It is a better option for Freelancers, Agencies, Enterprises, Startups, and Small-scale Enterprises.
  10. Support availability: The users can reach out via email, cell phone, Training, and Live Support.

Features of Coolnew PDA After diving into all pdf details, we have all highlighted features available that we can get with this software. Let us shed light on all features below:

  1. Add specific page numbers to the PDF: if there is a need to count the pages of the PDF or any document, then Coolnew PDF has a particular feature that can add page numbers. Also, we need not put page numbers separately on the pdf.
  2. Compress PDF: If you have an oversized file filter that is hard to upload on the web, the new PDF will assist you with compression. You can compress a PDF file and upload it in seconds anywhere on the internet.
  3. Delete pages: If there is a need to remove or delete some pages from a PDF file, this software is a reliable and quick option. You need not follow a lengthy procedure as it is a matter of a click via this software.
  4. ESign: Nowadays, most institutes and companies want you to sign documents online without taking printouts. Therefore, to support this paperless world, we have an “E-Sign” option available that can be used to mark the pdf.
  5. Excel to PDF: If the pdf needs to be converted into an Excel file, then there is no need to put all the data into a spreadsheet by yourself. We can reduce all unnecessary efforts and go for something smarter than us. We have Coolnew PDF to assist you better, making a huge difference.
  6. JPG to PDF: If pdfs are to be converted into JPG, there is no need to look out for some specific software or make it yourself. Go ahead with Coolnew PDF software to help you get a jpg format in a PDF file.
  7. Merge PDF: When you have two PDFs and want to combine them all, the only idea probably comes to your mind is that we have to go for copy and paste. However, this is not the right thing to do as this software can be great. So, merging can be quickly done on this software.
  8. PDF Converter: There are various file formats available such as Doc, Docx, XLS, and much more. If you want to convert your file in any form, it is easy to do that from the software as it is just a click away. Thus, it is pretty simple to do the same and get the format you want.
  9. Editor for PDF: Do you know how to edit a pdf? If there is an error or you want some quick changes in the PDF, go for the online pdf editor of Coolnew. There is an “Edit” option available on the software, and after choosing the same, you can select the recognized text and start doing the same by using a program that can edit pdf files. It is so easy to do that in microseconds and saves a lot of time. These are some quick things to do if editing is your biggest concern.
  10. PDf to Excel: If a pdf needs to be converted into an Excel spreadsheet, then there is no need to look out for some specific software or make it yourself. Go ahead with Coolnew PDF software to help you get an XLS format out of a PDF file.
  11. PPT to PDF: The software does not work in a single direction. If it can be helpful to convert a PDF file to Excel or PPT, then it can do the reverse. So, if you have a Powerpoint Presentation and need it in a PDF, then do it now with the help of Coolnew pdf.
  12. Protect PDF: Sometimes, we have some secret or confidential files with us, so it is necessary to put some protections in that case. To fulfill this purpose, the Coolnew PDF has a protection option available, and we can protect pdf now.
  13. Rotate PDF: If you want to rotate the PDF vertically or horizontally, do it on this software. The software can help turn any PDF.
  14. Unlock PDF: Did you ever put protection on a pdf? Don’t you remember the password now? Then, Coolnew is all that can assist you in the same and help you unlock the file.

PDF filesThose mentioned above are the most-used features of the Coolnew PDF, which are often required. Thus, you have ample options available and can get all the advantages.

Requirements for Coolnew PDF download

Here, we have listed some of the requirements that make it possible to download the web app of CoolNew PDf into your system. Let us take a peek at these below.

To run the software on your system successfully, your plan ought to support Windows 7 Wi,ndows 8 Wi,ndows 8.1 Wi,ndows 10, or Windows 11

How to download CoolNew PDF?

PDFHere, we have a set of steps you should follow to download the software completely & with no glitches at all. Take a look at the steps:

  1. Go to the official website of CoolNew PDF, i.e.,
  2. On the website’s landing page, you can find two options, “Buy Now” & “Free Download”.
  3. If you want to buy, tap the “Buy Now” option; otherwise, go for “Free Download”.
  4. Then, a file will be downloaded to your system, and you need to install it directly.

Dive more into Coolnew.

PDFWe always think they craft or develop products to increase reliability, simplicity, and security for usage purposes. But they have big ambitions to achieve. In the current five years, the CoolNew PDF has developed 500+ teams of professionals from twenty team members. That is such a remarkable achievement!! It has an impression of the best reputation among PDF software and the most cost-effective option available so far.

Removal of all new options and concentrating on the user’s experience are key points that lead the company to success. Their engineers work tirelessly to keep all servers up to run thousands of happy people every month successfully.

There is no limit for the users to log in or the count of devices used. Therefore, we can access as many devices as we want, and it is too suitable for children as learning is all online these days. Apart from some personal use, we can use it for architects, education, and all business-related work.

Who can use this software?

PDFAny person or entity who wants to edit a pdf document or use some other useful features of this software can use it. It is a better option for computer software engineers, education, business empires, enterprises, freelancers, etc.

Pricing of the Coolnew PDF

As we have mentioned earlier, the software is reasonable but not accessible. Therefore, we need to monitor our budget while using such software. The software has three options available so far, which are given below:

  1. Free trial: It provides the use of the software at no cost for a month only. It includes all essential features such as PDF editor free download, PDF to Word converter, PDF to JPG converter, PDF to HTML, PDF reader, etc.
  2. Monthly plan: This is a payable plan with a payment of $6 per month. It comprises sutures like a PDF converter, editor, and some functions. The only exception is the free customer support and updates as required.
  3. Annual plan: It costs around $29 every year. It includes all necessary features like a monthly plan with all support as and when required.

We will list some underlined differences between the paid and Givgiveaway versions below. Let us take a look at these features below:

Paid VersionGiveaway Version
The license can be obtained for one month, six months, one year, and two years.There is only a six-month license.
Free update.Free update for six months only.
Free customer support.Free support for six months.

Some additional features include Access controls, permissions, note-taking, PDF conversion, Deleting pages, Document Storage, Capturing documents, File sharing, Searching for full text, rearranging all pages, rotating pages, Image editing, and so many others.

Pros of using CoolNew PDF

PDFHere, we have some of the positive aspects of the software that we have mentioned below, which are as follows:

  1. Affordable to use.
  2. Various printing options are available.
  3. Deal with any file format.
  4. Conversion, editing, and formatting of PDFs.
  5. Comment Management is public.
  6. Password protection.

Reviews about CoolNew PDF

After digging into all sides of the software, we found that the software has a rating of 4.7 out of five on some trustworthy reviewing portals. The users are more than happy with the flexibility and all set of features available to edit and convert a file as we want it.

Based on these reviews, we can say that the software is quite a good choice for converting and editing all pdfs, images, and file formats.

The Bottom Line

After exploring all the aspects of CoolNew PDF, we conclude that the software has all features related to editing, conversion, capturing, sharing, searching, etc. The plans are also not so expensive; anyone can afford them daily. Therefore, it is a good pick-up when doing something tricky, but the software can do it in seconds.

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