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Business is something that takes more than just smart guys to run. Data is an important aspect of any business. The more crucial information you have in your arsenal, the chances increase to improve your business.

The market has become unpredictable; what was on the top yesterday has become outdated the next day. Not only that, those who don’t know what the customers and visitors are talking about your business then it can take your business to nowhere.

Several start-up companies are shutting down despite raising funds from venture capitalists. There are several reasons why the companies are going down, but one of them is not knowing the market. is a monitoring tool that helps brands and companies learn more about the business and products.

What is

Awario is building for businesses and companies who want to monitor their brand, service, and product online. In simple words, the monitoring service helps the companies and businesses to watch out what people are talking about your services and products—an insight to find out the errors and issues online.

You might not be surprised, but companies like IBM, Google, Hostgator, and other major companies use these tools monitor their brands and rectify the issues when it occurs. Sign Up

Awario is not a free monitoring service. However, they do allow users to try the trial version of it with limited access. It might be limited, but it is enough to test the service and test it in real-time. I used the Awario to find topics and also generate leads for my service.

Step 1: To create an account, you have to go to

Step 2: You can sign up for the trial period account to test the service.


Step 3: There are four types of options 1. Brand or company, 2. Persona, 3. Campaigns, 4. Any topic. Select the options wisely, and do not worry; I will also show you how you can erase the project and start a new one later.



Step 4: Since there are four, I have selected Campaign because I’m running a campaign for the WWE talk channel on Youtube.

2 - 2.jpg

Step 5: You have to fill the following empty field.


Step 6: As you can see in the image, I’m targeting WWE.


Step 7: Once you have finished filling up the details, it starts working on it.

Monitor Your Brand Online

Businesses require data that can help the company understand the customers and find new opportunities. Several companies do not have access to such data to analyze and make the business better.

Fullscreen capture 10-05-2017 005257.bmp.jpg

By monitoring your brand, you can find new things about your products and service. Sometimes larger companies make bigger mistakes, and it turns into a meme on social media. You can monitor your brand name and find such errors and mistakes that occurred during the transaction, and rectified the problem right away to avoid embarrassment.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media has helped me find potential business people and also loyal customers. You can monitor your business on social media. Not every company is perfect and requires feedback from the Clients and Customers to make it better. You can use the Social Media Monitoring feature on Awario to make your product or service better.

Social Media Monitoring.jpg

It doesn’t matter which platform you are on because Awario can view some Social Media Mentions separately. From Facebook to Youtube, mentions will be displayed. If you are wondering if the figures are accurate or not? Yes, as long as your keyword matches with the one in the social media.

Brand Name Monitoring

Several companies are now using professional help such as customer care to solve the problems. However, sometimes customer cares are unable to resolve it due to a lack of knowledge on the product and limited access. Most of the customers with situations end up on social media. You can answer their query immediately and resolve it. Social Media can become cause a decrease in sales and loss of loyal customers.

Fullscreen capture 10-05-2017 005450.bmp.jpg

Several businesses invest a hefty amount in promoting it on social media end up customers mistaken it for another business. You can identify the problem and solve it. It can help you big time.

Track Social Mentions

Social media is a huge platform, where anything is possible. One simple content can turn into a viral video, which sometimes beats the paid post. Tracking your brand’s social media accounts will have a significant impact on your business. Social media is so powerful it can convert users into loyal paying customers if you optimize your posts correctly.


Track Brand Mentions Online

While big-time players like Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, and other companies promote their products, which is a known thing, however, did you know that they have set-up an organized task force to track the brand mention World Wide Web? Isn’t that shocking to you?

Fullscreen capture 10-05-2017 005339.bmp.jpg

The major companies have millions of dollars to create their personalized software that can make it happen. However, small businesses do not have such resources to initiate. Nevertheless, Awario fills that gap for you.

By subscribing to the service, you can access the service that can help you identify the issue before it becomes a major problem and resolves the problems. Not only that, it can help you generate leads.

Additional Features

Social media is a reliable platform that takes your business skyrocket. The Awario has more to offer than you are anticipating. Unless you try the trial period version, you won’t be able to explore the real potential of the Awario. Let me give you one example.


  • The Social media post, Awario, tells you when the user has posted.
  • Awario also displays how many users did the post has reached on Facebook to Twitter.
  • If you want to reply to the user, then you can even find him or her manually because you have the URL of the user.
  • And more

Is Awario Data is Accurate?

Yes, the keywords play a significant role if you want the results. So ensure you are using the right keywords.


Awario is not for free, and the trial period has a limit as well. I would recommend you to try the trial period for two days and study it. Use the two days data to plan the next 12 days to apply your strategies. Test the Awario for monitoring and if you find it useful, then go for the paid version.

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