Does Your Company’s Size Affect Your SEO Strategy

Businesses of all sizes often question how the specific length of their company affects their SEO strategy. Should tactics and approaches change if a company is small or large? Should different techniques be used if the company is local, owned, and operated or a large nationwide enterprise? There is no true-sized-based solution for an effective SEO strategy in the continually changing search engine optimization world.

The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy

While an SEO strategy’s success is not necessarily dependent on the size of a company, your company’s size may factor into your goals and the budget you can invest. Company size does not affect an SEO campaign’s effectiveness but can help determine the best tactics and services to invest in. Companies of varying sizes will have varying budgets, which will unavoidably and understandably affect the individual elements incorporated into your company’s SEO strategy.

Regardless of your company’s size or budget, many SEO aspects are worth incorporating into your Internet marketing campaign and investing in. Optimizing your website content and extending the reach of your online presence with some key basic tactics and SEO services will surely see a level of success far greater than not investing in SEO.

Purpose OF SEO For Any Size Company

Despite the overwhelming demand for businesses to invest in a website offering a digital location at which clients and customers can easily access information or products, many companies do not fully understand the value of a professional SEO campaign.

Simply having a website does not guarantee that people will be able to find your business. Small and large companies need a site that Google and other search engines will deem valuable and worth ranking at the top of a search results page. A website must be organized, developed, and optimized to provide the best user experience possible while also ensuring that it can be found on a search engine query. Search engine optimization, SEO, is used to ensure that your website is appealing and valuable to search engines and consequently presented to searchers.

By making it a priority to invest in SEO, a company of any size can significantly increase its chances of appearing due to a specific search. Naturally, the more your business can budget for Internet marketing, the more services and tactics you will have to benefit from.

Small Businesses And SEO

Small businesses, including those with a brick-and-mortar location and those without a physical location, will likely have a smaller budget available, requiring them to focus SEO efforts on the tactics that will deliver the biggest return on investment.

Local SEO works to capture the attention of those in your area by using local keyword phrases. Small companies with a physical location, such as local restaurants, stores, or service-based businesses, will benefit most from local SEO efforts. Money spent on their SEO strategies should focus on listings on Google Local, social media platforms, and third-party review sites.

However, small companies without a physical location would do better in concentrating their budget on efforts such as AdWords, basic social media marketing, link exchange, and optimized content marketing.

Medium-Sized Businesses And SEO

For a medium-sized business, the first action step is to perform an SEO audit of its website. This comprehensive assessment will help determine the areas your particular business will most benefit from. However, a medium-sized company likely has more available funds to allot into an SEO budget but not enough for an all-inclusive campaign.

Medium-sized companies will want to ensure that the same basic SEO efforts recommended for a small business are being implemented. They will also find great value in taking those efforts a step further, such as expanding their website and services available through it, extending the reach of their social media marketing efforts, and investing in consistent content implementation.

Large Businesses And SEO

A large company will undoubtedly benefit most from a comprehensive SEO campaign, but they also have the most freedom in the available budget. The SEO strategy of a large company will typically include all efforts recommended for small or medium-sized businesses but at a greater level.

A large business must be mindful of protecting, promoting, and efficiently managing its online presence and reputation. This includes a highly optimized website that caters to user needs, experiences, and their brand’s purpose. In this era of social media dominance, large companies will benefit greatly from dedicated social media management, handling everything from prompt responses to questions or complaints, promoting the company and industry-related information, and maintaining relevance with their target audience. Large companies will also benefit from content management that ensures clients have continual access to pertinent and useful information.

Professional SEO Services For Any Size Company

Regardless of the size of your company, SEO is both a valuable and profitable investment. However, determining the best tactics to concentrate on can be difficult and even overwhelming. With the help of a professional SEO company, your company will implement the most effective SEO strategy for what you can afford.

1 Source Media Group, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has years of professional experience implementing successful SEO strategies for companies of all sizes. Our mission is to ensure the digital success of our clients using personalized tactics and determined efforts. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services that will meet the needs and budgets of large and small businesses. For more information, contact us online or call (702) 840-5000.

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