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5 of the Biggest Business Technology Trends in 2018 

Technology has touched almost every aspect of the business. It is a driving force for innovation, providing newer, faster, and more efficient methods and processes.

2018 is no exception, with technology paving the way for change. By the end of this year, we expect to see major developments in digital working, blockchain, AI, automation, and DevOps.

Tech Updates

Digital Working

Workplaces are becoming increasingly digital, utilizing the cloud and encouraging telecommuting, but this will go one step further in 2018. Experts have predicted that one of the biggest digital transformations will employ virtual assistants. While many people already use these systems on their mobile devices or at home, their uptake in the workplace could help employees save time.

Blockchain Technology

As an encrypted digital ledger, blockchain technology contains linear entries and information. These blocks cannot be altered and must be approved by all parties involved, providing security and transparency, as every stage of a transaction or process must be recorded. While this may have little impact on small businesses, it was a major player in the logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has already made huge waves, with Uber testing self-driving cars and Amazon’s successful drone deliveries. But, in 2018, logistics and supply chains are set to see benefits from digital innovation. This is largely due to the uptake of AI in warehouses – a process that has already begun. This could save the business time, reduce the wage bill, and make working hours more effective.


Automation refers to any process that can be completed with no – or very little – human input. Technology allows tasks to be completed automatically, saving businesses valuable hours, boosting efficiency, and increasing the quality of services. For maximum results in 2018, business process automation should be considered repetitive and frequent tasks, such as software updates and inventory management.


DevOps has seen a lot of evolution in recent years. However, arguably, one of the main growth areas for DevOps in 2018 will be automation. While many businesses have been using DevOps for some time, this area has seen fast growth. As such, businesses will be revisiting their testing strategies in a bid to automate and improve. In this instance, it may be beneficial to seek expert advice from a provider like Sogeti.

This year, businesses will be paying close attention to technology to streamline processes, increasing efficiency, and boosting profits. These five areas will see major developments which could provide benefits for businesses.

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