3 Big Data Trends Expected to Shape AI in 2018

2017 was the year of Big Data. In fact, it is no longer a buzzword as more and more enterprises are preparing to capitalize on hitherto untapped potential. In the future, 2018 will be the year of convergence between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. With AI becoming smarter and increasing the adoption of cloud-first technologies, data analytics will involve more advanced technological capabilities consolidated in enterprise solutions benefitting people and businesses. Many forces that have influenced AI’s growth so far will continue to make an impact; however, by understanding these emerging trends, your company will be better prepared to leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain Technology Meets Big Data

As of now, blockchain technologies’ applications are limited to cryptocurrency and finance; we see the tip of the iceberg. Looking at the current market trends, it is hard to see Big Data and AI without blockchain. As blockchain continues to gain popularity, a combination of Big Data, AI and blockchain could be the future of networking and transform the way we work with data.

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AI has plenty to bring to the table when it comes to security. A convergence of AI and blockchain is ideal for storing sensitive data, which, when processed and analyzed, can unlock new doors of opportunities. As we continue to advance, we are going to see more breakthroughs in the field of machine learning-powered by Industrial IoT could result in a match made in heaven. Predictive maintenance is one of the few areas when the Edge-AI partnership could greatly improve IoT system output. A huge opportunity lies in intelligent transportation systems like self-driving cars and traffic management systems, where the importance of safety is paramount.

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