Three ways to utilize big data for your business

As business technical systems gather more and more information on products, services, customers, and suppliers, the datasets get bigger and bigger and often become very complex. That can mean that, unless properly organized, they can also become slow and inefficient. That’s why the network distributed file system from MooseFS has become so popular. Its reliability, fault-tolerance, and high performance make a huge difference to business efficiency and help your company make the best use of big data. Here are some benefits you can get with virtually limitless storage space for big data, such as that provided by MooseFS software.

Five Ways Big Data Can Help Your Business Succeed


Improve your business marketing

Let’s start close to home and consider your business website. You probably get regular updates on visitors to your site, but how much more do you know about them? Well, big data can provide you with some answers. You can use tools to generate reports detailing, for example, the number of unique visitors to your site. You can also often find out how frequently they visit, their age, level of education, ethnicity, gender, and income status. An analysis can also tell how many visitors access your site from mobile devices and their geographic location. From that information, you will get an idea of other products or services your visitors are likely interested in. Once you understand your site visitors, you can adjust your marketing strategy to target them more accurately.

Explore trends

Specific tools can transform big data into insight. Suppose you notice a phrase or keyword that crops up a lot in online searches, for instance, and is relevant to your business. In that case, it’s a smart move to try to find a way to incorporate it into information about your enterprise. For example, if you have an online blog, you might include such terms in your regular posts and hyperlink them to specific products or services. You can also use big data to predict future trends, particularly if you see something beginning to have wide appeal across age ranges or geographical boundaries. Sometimes, by examining past trends, you can get a clearer picture of the business’s future.

Make better use of social media.

You can use social media for your business if you monitoonline commentsne about your brandcustomer service, competitors, orny other relevant areas. Thank people when they are complementary and respond as soon as possible to negative comments or complaints. Quickly dealing with issues and solving problems is a positive way to engage and show you care about your customers. After all, if you help out a client who has complained or criticized your brand, you have the potential to convert them into an advocate for your brand. Many tools are available that use big data to make it possible for you to monitor all the social media sites you use regularly and blogs, images, and videos where applicable.

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